YTS Torrent Proxy Unblocked – Honest review

If you’ve been using torrent to download recent or old movies, you must be acquainted with YIFY/YTS. YIFY was basically one of the elite uploaders of top-notch torrent until 2017 when the site was blocked in some areas. The ban was due to reported copyright cases, which led to the threatening of the founder with a multi-million dollar lawsuit. During a certain Reddit, the founder gave some reasons about how the site started, how it became popular, and what led to the closure.

How the site started

YIFTACH created the YIFY platform. According to what he explained to TorrentFreak, the site begun uploading content while he was schooling. He developed it as a small hobby, and he never thought it would grow and become recognized in the whole world.

In early 2010, YIFTACH was a first-year student studying computer science degree. During that time, the site was just simple and uploaded regular media. Only his friends knew what he was doing and who he was, but he didn’t expect a lot from it.

A year later, YIFTACH was amazed at how the site started to become recognized. New movies were uploaded regularly, and surprisingly, they were watched and downloaded by thousands of individuals. Over the years, a lot of site visitors came and went, but this didn’t affect the platform.

YIFTACH as popularly recognized for uploading small size media, which lacked audio and video quality. Some people loved the quality of the content shared, but a few groups of individuals raised issues of the same. Another raised issue was that the content shared was stolen from the scene.

Looking deep into it, YIFTACH didn’t disagree with the issues. He confirmed that that the quality of media shared was questionable and that they used scene movie content for their own release.

How did the site come to an end?

Just like the site become popular all over sudden, the same way it came to an end. The closure of the site left hundreds and thousands of people looking for new YIFY releases. Likewise, the YTS site was also closed without explanation or warning.

It took some days prior to understanding the real reason for the closure of upload. Hollywood movie and MPAA industry reached out to YIFTACH and blackmailed him into closing the site in exchange for not pursuing him. It is unknown if money was involved in the blackmail; however, a private settlement was signed with the movie firm.

Sites similar to YTS

After YTS was created, developers began creating several other sites utilizing a similar name and aimed at making a lot of traffic. Even after the closure of the YTS, other fake YTS websites have emerged with similar conditions and content as the mother site. Such websites are proxy sites, including YTS.AM, YTS.LT, YTS.IO, etc. If you find the original site not working, these proxy sites have high-quality films similar to that of the original site.

Do you need a VPN to download YTS content?

Since torrent sites are illegal, proxy sites like YTS.LT has encouraged its users to consider hiding their privacy using a reliable VPN. The reason for this is that some countries are so strict at tracking people that visit torrenting sites. Thus, it is critical to utilize a VPN to hide your data and the IP location of your device. In other countries, the government has collaborated with ISPs in blocking torrent sites. So, some websites are restricted in those regions. The good news is that those blocked sites can be accessed easily and download favorite films and TV series.

Vpn To Download Yts Content
Vpn To Download Yts Content

You may presumably think everything said here is all about securing your downloaded files. That’s not the case. Even so, the critical thing to keep in mind here is securing all your online activities by use of VPN service.

Why use YTS proxy sites and VPN altogether

As said earlier, VPN is the right solution to consider if you want to watch or download movies on YTS for free without Geo-restrictions. Almost every movie maniac has tried accessing YTS. However, since torrent downloading is illegal, some countries have restricted or blocked it in their region.

How to download YTS torrent from anywhere

If you can’t access the site, here is what you need to do to download your torrent. The only thing to access torrent sites if your area blocks them is by changing your geolocation. The right way to do that is by utilizing the right VPN. Regrettably, some countries have restricted the use of some VPN services. Therefore, to browse and download YTS torrent and mask your IP address completely, you should consider investing in the right VPN. And how do you know the right VPN? How do you distinguish it from many options available?

Features to consider while choosing the right VPN to download YTS torrents

When choosing the right VPN for YTS, you have to consider some critical features. The VPN you select should have a superfast downloading speed and shouldn’t be of any data caps. Besides, it should guarantee security and privacy. Here are some features to evaluate while choosing the right VPN.


While utilizing a VPN, your online activities should never reach out to a third party. Encryption of data must ensure that no data is shared with an outsider. There should also be a DNS leak protection guarantee.

Logging policy

No data should be recorded while using a VPN service. This helps to avoid being tracked by hackers.


There are several VPN offering data caps and limited bandwidths. For that reason, some issues arise at some point. For torrent downloading, a lot of data is required. So when choosing the right VPN, consider the one offering unlimited bandwidth.

Shared IP addresses

For torrenting, it is wise to choose the VPN with a shared IP. When you share with a lot of people, an additional anonymity layer is added. Therefore, it becomes hard to be traced by a third party.


Torrenting sites are critical in our lives. They help to keep us entertained and updated as well. If you need to watch old or recent films, YTS torrent has everything at your disposal. With the right proxy, you can definitely access the content you’ve been looking for in this torrenting platform.
For extra anonymity, protection, and super-fast speed while downloading your torrent, then using the right VPN will never harm your privacy and device.