YouTube Proxy – Guide to unblocking YouTube Video

The demand for YouTube videos has significantly increased, making YouTube a huge and popular storage platform for online videos. Regrettably, YouTube videos are mostly blocked by internet service providers due to copyright issues. Despite the blockade, people look for alternative ways to access them. Many proxies have been developed to help unblock any video restricted in your region.

Proxy servers are secret sites tailored to help people access blocked sites and watch or download videos. They are mostly used when you click on the video title and get a terrifying error message “Video unavailable” However, the use of proxy unblocking sites can be perilous to your computer and overall safety. So if you want to learn how to unblock YouTube videos easily, then consider reading this article.

Why can’t you access YouTube?

Countless reasons make YouTube to be blocked or restricted in your network. For instance, if you are at work or school, a network controller might restrict or block YouTube accessibility on the school or company network utilizing the firewall. Several schools and workplaces encourage these blockades and restrictions to avoid distractions and improve overall productivity. These measures are critical and need to be obeyed. Despite that, we still believe in freedom and open accessibility to content online.

If you reside in a region with tight online censorship, the chances are that the law enforcement agencies have restricted you from accessing some YouTube content. Basically, online censorship varies from one country to another. For instance, YouTube is completely blocked in China. In South Korea, they have barred some videos.
Even in regions where censorship isn’t strict like Australia, copyright concerns imply that YouTube utilizes geoblocking software to restrict some videos from being viewed by people in that area. For instance, a TV network can post that the content is only for US citizens, so YouTube does not reserve the right to play in other countries.

What’s more? Usually, every problem has a solution. That said, with several reasons to block YouTube, there are several tricks to access it.

YouTube proxy unblock – easy tricks

Using VPN

One of the most secure and easiest tricks to unblock YouTube is utilizing a VPN. A virtual private network is an excellent choice for anonymity, online security, and unblocking content that is already restricted or blocked by censorship, firewalls, or geo-blocking technology. The VPN network connects your PC or device via a fast and encrypted internet connection to a remote server. The remote server is designed to purpose your device as a virtual IP to hide its real IP address. To the firewall and YouTube, the IP address will appear to be real and coming from a different area. The reason for this appearance is that VPN encrypts every data conveyed through your connection, implying that the ISP and the network controller will not track the content or files you are accessing.

Youtube Proxy Unblock Easy Tricks
Youtube Proxy Unblock Easy Tricks

Simple steps to utilize VPN

  1. Select the right VPN service provider that suits your needs.
  2. Install the VPN application on your PC
  3. Connect it to the region you want where there is no restriction.
  4. That’s all. Enjoy YouTube without restriction.

Using YouTube proxy

A proxy works the same way as the VPN. However, it is much less secure and less reliable. When using a proxy, you filter your traffic via its server to make it look as if it comes from a different area. This enables you to bypass the geo-blocks and firewalls. Unlike the VPNs, encryption of data doesn’t happen with proxies. This insinuates that the network controllers, internet censorship agencies, and ISPs can track the sites you visit. Besides, your sensitive data are left open to harmful attacks.

Normally, there are 3 techniques of connecting to a proxy server.

  1. Utilizing the proxy site
  2. Connecting manually via the browser
  3. Utilizing the browser add-on

There are several proxy sites over the internet and are somehow simple to use and connect. Notwithstanding, the proxy needs to be refreshed when loading a new page, and this can be disgusting and time-consuming as well.
Alternatively, you can consider configuring your own proxy. This needs you to have technical knowledge; however, once you have it set, you’ll access any blocked video without the likes of refreshing the page for the proxy to load. You can also buy an easier idea of using add-ons on your browser. These add-ons develop a connection between the proxy server and your device. However, this service option is bound depending on the browser and the device used.

Using Tor

Tor is reliable and safe to use internet browser that masks your IP address and enables you to access online videos or content anonymously. It is available online for free. However, you’ll require administrative rights on where you’re installing it.
Basically, when utilizing Tor, the data is directed via the servers, where it jumps via many relays and leaves the network of servers. This security standard hinders ISPs, network administrators, and hackers from monitoring your online tasks. However, since encryption of data doesn’t happen while using Tor, your data becomes visible when you exit the network.
Usually, Tor was tailored to ensure that people access blocked content for free. Unluckily, it wasn’t developed for streaming purposes. And because of its low bandwidth and slow speed, Videos can load slowly. The good thing is that there is a solution to that. Considering the use of Tor with a reliable and compatible VPN can be a wise option. Combination of the two forms a powerful security masterpiece, which offers a fully anonymous network solution. Essentially, the best VPN will undoubtedly encrypt the data and remain invisible even after exiting the page.


While there are a lot of proxy servers to unblock YouTube and access the content, proxies can be dubious and can sometimes put your device and your privacy at risk.
To ensure fully encryption of data, it is vital to try unblocking using a reliable VPN.