Your Guide to Visiting Swiss Alps


You don’t have to be a hardcore skier to love mountains and breathtaking views from several kilometers of hight. If you’re just a regular person, the sight of the Swiss Alps will make you amazed and you’ll remember that moment for the rest of your life. Swiss Alps are one of those things which stay with you forever and when you reach the peak of one of the mountains, you really feel like you’re at the top of the world. Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise that thousands of tourists annually visit the Swiss Alps rather than some other famous cities in Europe.


Swiss Alps are big. They cover a large portion of Switzerland’s territory and therefore, if you want to visit the best sights you really need to map your journey. There’s not enough time for everything and being so large, you really need to pick the right spots to visit in Swiss Alps. Let this article serve you as a go-to guide for visiting these amazing mountains. We will cover everything – from the best locations to visit to best sleeping locations in order that every single spot is close to you. 

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There are a lot of good locations to stay in or near the Swiss Alps and truth to be told, whichever you pick, you won’t make a mistake. Switzerland cities are magical and if you come in the winter, you’ll see why they call them the fairytale towns. But, there are a few spots you should keep in mind that are often referred as the best places to stay if you wish to visit the Swiss Alps.


The first if, of course, Grindelwald. This picturesque place is everything you could dream for. Placed in between the two mountains, cosy, it’s a perfect spot to start your journey. There aren’t a lot of hotels, 46 of them to be exact, but with the help of Airbnb we are sure that you can find a good commodity.

Grindelwald View


St. Moritz is also one of the good spots to start off your journey. You probably heard of this town and you heard of it because it’s quite expensive. But, if you have a bit deeper pockets, your journey will definitely be more luxurious and you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. St. Mortiz has a lot more hotels but they also have a higher price tag. Airbnb also offers places here as well so you’ll definitely find something for you. If you want to make your journey even better, maybe you should opt for limousine service in Switzerland. It’s a great way to travel luxurious and visit places in a way you never felt before. 

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Even if you aren’t placed in Grindelwald as your starting point, you should definitely visit this small city and feel the vibe it has. It’s a proper Swiss mountain city. Meaning you’ll see log cabins, wooden houses and luxury hotels all over the place. If you come in the winter you’ll notice that they have astonishing New Year lighting as well and that’s something you won’t forget. The area new Grindelwald has over 300km of trails which you can use to sightsee the beautiful nature of Swiss Alps. Grindelwald also has a very good connection to these trails with the help of cable cars, trains and busses so you won’t have a hard time going wherever you would like to.

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Eiger climb is one of the “must” things you should do if you’re planning on visiting the Swiss Alps. In the past, people hiked to the Eiger (keep in mind that it’s 3545 meters tall). Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, there’s a train that can bring you up to the peak. It doesn’t come cheap though, as a one way ticket costs around 50 Euros. But, it’s worth it. At the top, what you’ll find is one of the most beautiful sights in the whole world. Even in the summer, you may notice snowflakes and that’s only because the Eiger is extremely high.


The train goes from Grindelwald so it’s another thing you should keep in mind when you decide which location will be your starting point. The train that goes from there, goes very high and now you might be wondering how does it manage to do that? In the XX century, there was a tunnel built, which covers around ⅔ of the train’s journey. THis tunnel was made by brave workers who built it without fancy machinery – only their hands and hammers. Maybe some dynamite. All of that so that now you can pay for a train ticket, which will get you to one of the highest places in Europe. Astonishing.



Zermatt is yet another place which you should visit. Near it, you have a lot of sights which are probably on the top list of all in the Swiss Alps. One of them is Hornli Hut, a mirror-like lake which is something you may see on the postcard or as a desktop image on someone’s PC. It’s accessible from Zermatt by gondola or a cable car. There are a lot of tracks which you can take in order to get to the Hornli hut after you exit the gondola and you should always be properly equipped for that. Some trails are very demanding and even if they don’t look like that, at such a high, every climb is hard. 

Have A Good Time

Switzerland is a beautiful country and Swiss Alps are like a cherry on top. If you have an opportunity, you should definitely visit this part of Switzerland as the journey through mountains which are several kilometers high will stay with you for the lifetime.

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You can take some breathtaking photos and breathe light smog-free air. If you opt for this journey, just make sure that you have proper equipment as you are visiting the Swiss Alps – and you need to be ready for it.

In a nutshell, Swiss Alps are definitely on our bucket list and they should be on yours as well.