Your Guide to Ski Transfers (Newbie Friendly)


We all know how stressful journey preparations can be and organizing so that everything goes smoothly. Sure, commodity and plane tickets are important in the whole organization of a trip, but the transfer from the airport to the place where you’ll be staying for the next few weeks is also vital. This is even more magnified when you’re going on a skiing trip since you’ll be carrying more stuff than you would normally do. We’re talking about skis, boots, ski equipment and so on. That’s why it’s very important to have everything checked before you arrive at the airport for your departure.

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In this article, we’ll cover one of the most important parts of the trip. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, ski transfer from the airport to your hotel can make it or break it. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll arrive at the hotel fresh and ready to hit the slope. This has been a norm for ski transfers in Switzerland for many years now.


On the other hand, if the transfer isn’t organized correctly and if you’re facing delays, this alone can ruin your skiing trip even if you didn’t yet touch the snow. We’ve combined everything we know about ski transfers, the pros and cons and we added a touch of our own experience, just to provide you with the best guide (even for skiing newbies) in order that you pick the best ski transfer for you. 


Usually, the best thing you could do is to book the ski transfer at the same time when you book the flight. Organization is the key and believe us when we say that you wouldn’t want to roam in the airport with tons of bags just to find that your ski transfer isn’t arriving. That’s why it’s always a good idea to book the transfer prior to landing, so that your mind can be at ease. You’ll just hop off from the plane and hop in a shuttle bus which will take you to the hotel.



But, sometimes booking in advance isn’t possible. Maybe the ski transfer service you want to book isn’t offering early bookings or they just don’t have shuttles available for that specific time. While the latter mostly won’t be the case, since airports near famous ski centers almost always have ski transfers available, it could happen that you simply don’t know when your plane will land and thus, you can’t book the transfer in advance. You shouldn’t worry, as most airports have shuttle busses available at all times and most agencies offer transfer booking just 24 hours before landing. So, if you are a last-minute booker, you don’t need to fear. 

How To Book

Usually, when people go on a skiing trip, a third party is organizing the trip. Meaning that you go to the travel agency, find the hotel you like, check the dates which suit you and from there, the agency does all the work. They book your flight, commodity, skipass and ski rental service if needed. Since most agencies are open for their customers requests, you can ask them to organize a ski transfer for you. In most cases, the ski transfer comes as a part of the whole skiing package which travel agencies offer and it’s counted in the price. However, if you don’t see that the ski transfer is organized by your agency, be sure to tell them that you want one and they’ll surely give you more information about shuttle busses, and everything else that goes with the transfer.


In contrast, if you’re organizing the trip yourself then you need to book the ski transfer – yourself. It isn’t anything tricky and that’s why we called our guide a newbie guide. Everybody can do it. First, know the ski center you are going to. Most ski centers have an official web page which you can visit and there you should be able to get more information about any question you may have, ski transfers included. Usually, famous ski resorts offer online booking of ski transfers from nearby airports and for this to work out, you’ll just need a credit card which you can use to pay. Simply select the dates which work out for you, number of persons that are travelling and the exact location where you are going. You’ll receive an email confirmation about your booking which you should show to the driver once you arrive at the airport.



The price of airport transfer varies depending on a lot of factors. The main part of the equation is the distance from the airport and the ski center. In France for example, a specific ski center can be reached from 2 or 3 different airports. One is closer to the final destination than another and this will impact the total cost of the transfer. Another thing which makes the price go higher is the number of passengers. If the number of passengers is higher then usually you’ll be getting a discount. On the other hand if just you and your friend are alone in the shuttle, then you should expect that the price of booking will go up. Anyways, there’s a lot of guessing so it’s best if you check the pricing for yourself.


Of course, there are shuttles that cost a flat amount of money since they aren’t bookable and shuttle daily from airport to the ski center, but we wouldn’t suggest risking with those as you never know if there will be available seats or not.


The price also depends on the type of vehicle. Ski transfer shuttles come in various sizes and some of them are more expensive than others. For an example, if one company offers a luxurious transfer in the Mercedes Benz vehicle, you should expect that such a service will be more expensive than travelling in just a regular bus or a small van.


In the end, the price also depends on the dates you selected for your transfer. If you picked popular dates near New Year or other big holidays, logically, the price will be higher. On the flip side, if you book your transfer earlier, you can get a discount for even those popular dates – another good reason why you should always book your transfer beforehand. 

Enjoy The Ride


If you’ve done everything correctly and booked the ski transfer, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Relax, dream of the slopes which you’ll be sliding tomorrow and let the driver safely get you to the hotel. The whole transfer will be finished in no time.