Yoga For Anxiety Natural Remedies

Panic Attacks are episodes of extreme anxiety when when your brain sends out stimulation to your sympathetic system without any apparent cause. This causes the symptoms of racing heart, tightening of chest,difficulty in breathing, sweating, extreme nervousness etc.

Since the all the physical symptoms are related to the stimulation of your sympathetic system, it makes sense to try and inhibit this system for the treatment of panic attacks. Also, during the phases between the the attacks, the threshold of the sympathetic system is also lowered (meaning that the bomb has a very small fuse – takes very little stimulation to set it off).

Sympathetic system

Thus by depressing the sympathetic system, the threshold for the panic attacks also increases thus preventing another potentia attack. Now, for depressing the sympathetic system various drugs are available in the market, such as propanolol, which lead to the prevention of further panic attack.

While these drugs do provide instant gratification, these are only for symptomatic treatment – that is they cure the symptoms but not the root cause. Also drugs have multiple side effects and do not have any long term benefits. This is where we start discussing the role of Yoga in panic attack treatment.


Yoga is basically a set of exercises which in some as yet unknown way have purportedly led to the treatment of many diseases. The Yoga for panic attacks has a simple and straightforward mechanism – it depresses the sympathetic system by change in your body’s nervous system firing rates and probably through hormonal changes as well.

Thus over the long term your sympathetic system slowly stabilizes. Thus you have fewer number of panic attacks and the panic disorder component also get cured as a secondary effect of lowered number of panic attacks and increased self confidence.

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Yoga For Anxiety Natural Remedies

Stress and anxiety are a natural part of everyday life and most of us experience it more often than not in today’s very stressful. Anxiety is a psychological condition which is characterized by feelings of discomfort, apprehension and fear.

Anxiety and depression disorders can be especially difficult. Anxiety is a condition where you experience anxiety attacks. Dealing With Anxiety Attacks Sometimes, dealing with anxiety has a simple solution. You may need to change career or get out of a relationship. You can also meditate to get rid of anxiety.