What is XC Mountain Biking, XC Bike Race and XC Mountain Bike?

You probably have heard of the term XC mountain biking or XC mountain bike but do not know what the actual meaning is, XC or Cross-Country mountain biking is the most familiar of all types of mountain bike riding. Of course, most of the mountain biking enthusiasts are into this category of mountain biking since XC mountain biking can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, men or women, or even kids. It’s easier compared to other forms of mountain biking like a free ride, downhill, or trials mountain bike riding.

Uphill or Downhill

Cross-country mountain biking can be both uphill or downhill but without the technicalities of a downhill and a free ride trail. Typically you will be riding in a single-track trail (a trail that can only occupy one rider at a time, its width is too narrow for two riders riding side by side, just enough for one rider).

The town people mostly maintain this trail for mountain bike riders (you might find this mountain biking trail very crowded on weekends).

What is XC Mountain Biking, XC Bike Race and XC Mountain Bike?

Safe for beginners

Since the trail is preserved, it is safe enough to ride with a beginner. Usually, there are rules in this kind of trails. You must be sure to follow any restrictions. The single track is the most preferred and enjoyable form of mountain biking in the majority of bike enthusiasts; it is fun and exciting, especially when riding in a group.

There are also XC mountain bike races, though it is using the XC mountain biking style, which is riding on a single track; XC mountain biking and XC race are two different things. Unlike cross country mountain biking, XC race is not just leisure riding.

However, for riders of both XC, the premise is to make you and your bike faster, participants need to become physically fit and must possess skills for overcoming technical trails.

Variation of landscapes

Even though this kind of biking involves trails, it is typically the sort of track that newbie would not dare to ride, the riders cycle in a loop or from one point to another that consists of downhill and uphill on a variation of landscapes.

Since Cross-country Mountain biking is the most popular type of MTB riding, XC bikes are the most well-liked mountain bike. This bike is not good enough to ride on downhill or uphill obstacle but good enough to ride on a road and great for off-road.

Most of the XC MTB are hardtails (those which have only front suspensions). Manufacturers of these bikes make it as light in weight as possible (around 9 kilos to 15 kilograms) since lighter bikes are faster and easier to spin, but of course, they also want these bikes to endure the beating it could get from riding on trails.

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