Helpful Window Cleaning Tips

If your frustration with spot-ridden or streaked glass has become too much to bear, then you might be open to some window cleaning tips. We all know that cleaning windows isn’t rocket science, but why is it that even commercial cleaning products sometimes leave streaks or spots after we use them?

Obtaining clear, beautiful windows is simply a case of having the right equipment and knowing which techniques to use. We are going to discuss what equipment you should have on hand, as well as a few window cleaning tips that will help you perform a cleaning job comparable to the pros!

There are several window cleaning tools out there that are designed to not only make your window cleaning experience much more comfortable, but they also produce professional-grade results. The truth is, professional window cleaning tools can be pretty costly and may not be worthwhile for use in the typical home setting.

Have a lot of windows?

Now, if you have a lot of glass in your houses—such as a sunroom or a conservatory—you may feel the expenditure of professional materials to be justified, and you’re probably right! However, for the everyday person, there are only a few tools that you really should spring for.

The first item on our list of cleaning tools is a squeegee. Professionals don’t use rags or towels to clean windows because they leave little fibers that can cloud the appearance of the glass. This may be where you are going wrong with your window cleaning method. Cleaning with a squeegee will leave the glass free of fibers and also helps to create a streak-free finish.

If you don’t feel that the cost of a squeegee is justifiable to you—may be because you have very few windows in your home, or if you only have smaller sized windows—you can always try the sponge and newspaper method. Using a clean sponge to remove the initial dirt from the windows should be quite useful without leaving too many fibers behind. Following this up with newspaper to dry the window will ensure that no streaking or drying spots occur. Using paper to wipe mirrors and windows is a pretty old “secret,” but one that works surprisingly well!

Helpful Window Cleaning Tips
Window Cleaning

The next tool you will need is a cleaning agent. You can purchase a store-bought cleaner such as Windex, but that isn’t necessary. There are plenty of excellent window cleaner recipes that you can put together right in your own home. The first one should be mixed in a gallon bucket.

You will need two cups of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, half a cup of ammonia, and a teaspoon of dish detergent. Pour all of the ingredients into the bucket and top it off with water until you have a full bucket. Mix this well and then get to work immediately. Any leftover cleaner should be disposed of properly. If that seems like a lot of mixing, you can always use a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

Using a Squeegee

If you want to use a squeegee to clean your windows, it helps to use quite a lot of cleaning fluid to remove the initial dirt from the windows. Strokes should be made horizontally and finished up with a vertical stroke on each side of the window to catch any missed areas. You will also need to get into the habit of wiping the squeegee with a lint-free cloth after every stroke. This will ensure that you don’t leave any lines from the squeegee.

Sponge cleaning doesn’t require any special technique. The best results will occur if you use lots of cleaning solutions during the initial cleaning process and then dry the surface using a newspaper. For large windows, you may have to use quite a lot of paper as it does tear easily once thoroughly soaked.

Never clean in sunlight

Regardless of what you use to clean your windows, you should never clean them in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the water or cleaning fluid to evaporate quicker than you can clean it. This is how streaks and spots develop! Pick a cloudy day or clean the windows in the evening when the harshest rays of sunlight are gone.

Now that you are armed with the appropriate window cleaning tips, you should find that cleaning your windows doesn’t seem so unrewarding!

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