Why Bowel Cleansing Has Become A Necessity

Bowel cleansing is a topic that might cause discomfort for some people, but it is a topic that has become very important for maintaining good health. In fact, there are physicians who purport that the very basis of sound health depends on a colon that is healthy. While there is wisdom in this statement, it has become much more difficult to maintain the health of our colons because of the ever increasing presence of toxic material in our food and water supply.


Many Toxins

The U.S. government admits that there are toxins in the environment that threaten our health, and this is apparent because government information has been made public which list accepted levels of numerous chemical toxins that enter our bodies, such as polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides.


Another factor that impacts our colon health is the amount of water we are drinking. Some experts state that about 75% of Americans do not drink enough water. Lack of proper hydration can help to create a health issue known as impaction, which involves feces that become dry and hard, and which builds up over time, and this hardened matter becomes resistant to elimination.

Some medical sources report that impacted fecal matter is a primary cause in the development of health issues like allergies, arthritis, asthma, and more. Therefore, it’s becoming more difficult to remain free of toxic chemicals in our water and food supply. In addition, the fact that we are most likely dehydrated makes it even more important that we address our colon health. Is there a way we can remedy these issues?

Colon Cleansing

Luckily, a simple solution exists in the form of bowel cleansing. We are not addressing the complex form of intestinal cleansing known as colonics. Some professionals in the medical community argue that colonic cleansing can present an unnecessary health risk. Alternatively, we are refering to fiber. There are a few psyllium cleansing powders available that can effectively draw out impacted fecal matter and help us to expel this often toxic material. Because psyllium will bind with several times its own actual weight, it is a perfect fiber for cleansing the bowel. Our psyllium product of choice is called Springreen 79, a product suggested by some naturopathic physicians.

This powder pulls festering old fecal matter out of your bowel like a magnet, and it works extremely well. We have found this to be the safest and most effective method of cleansing the bowel. When you use a product like Springreen, you empty your bowel more regularly, and you can actually view the old, discolored, peculiar strings and clumps of material that leaves your colon. In addition to the thorough intestinal cleansing you receive, drinking more water during your Springreen cleanse can help to reverse the dehydration issue that affects a significant number of us.