Where to Snorkel in Hawaii

Some of the best snorkeling in the world is found here in Hawaii. Many great snorkeling places can be found just by driving up, parking your car, and boom!… you’re snorkeling! There are way too many places to list them all here, but some of the nicer ones are Hanauma Bay, Turtle Bay, and Waimea Bay.

One of the most important and wonderful details that will affect your snorkeling choices is a fantastic law in Hawaii get this all, yes all beaches in Hawaii are public. Can you believe that?! No matter where you are going, the beach is public access. Even if it is behind the biggest and most fancy resort on Oahu, you can go to it, and no one will ask you what room you’re staying at! Gotta love it!

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is most likely the best known for snorkeling on Oahu. It is located a few miles east of Diamond Head on Hwy 72. Hanauma Bay is a beautiful beach area (photo inset above), made from a volcano where one side had fallen into the ocean. You will find over 150 different types of marine life there! We highly recommend you go.

Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay (why me uh) is another wonderful place to snorkel, located on the North Shore of Oahu. The best time to snorkel there is from May through November since, during the summer months, the water is calm. During the winter months, Waimea Bay becomes a hot spot for serious surfers, because this area can produce waves up to 30 feet tall!

Where to Snorkel in Hawaii

Seriously! But don’t let that concern you at all during the summer months. It’s as calm as it can be during that time. Oh… and for those who are interested, there is an enormous rock that touches the beach here, and goes out about 50 feet into the water. This rock has several ledge areas that people jump from into the water all of the time.

The rock at its highest point is about 30 feet above the water. If you decide to do this, be very careful (there is actually a sign right in front of the rock, warning people not to jump… but quite obviously, not many people pay attention to that sign), you could get hurt. But the rock always seems to be covered with people (lots of teenagers) jumping off and having a good time. Be careful if you decide to do it!

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay (we think you can pronounce that one) is another beautiful place to snorkel (we do realize we keep saying that about each place. But, we have no choice, they’re beautiful. There is actually a resort located here (but as we said before, all beaches are public!), and the area has well earned its name…Turtle Bay.

Why do you think they named it that? Turtles! Big green sea turtles! They are all over the place up on the North Shore…but especially at Turtle Bay! You can snorkel and swim right with them (no tour guide needed). From time to time (if you pay attention), a sea turtle will tag along with swimming beside you. They are beautiful to watch swim. And during the winter months, you can watch the humpback whales from here. Go and enjoy it!

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