What is an Inverter? How it works?

The mind clicks with when the term Inverter is being used, most of us might recall it back to student life learning about inverters in physics lessons, and how inverter works but vague memories, which one just learns for exams. Some might not be aware of what an inverter is and how it works. Inverter is an apparatus which known to convert two types of currents, the direct current to alternate current.

In simple terminology, this device is known as an electric box, which makes the household electricity for the gadgets, which are used, in daily life. At first, the idea of understanding the concept of how inverter works is quite difficult and tricky, but once the individual gets the concept straight then there is no more confusion left. The concept of it gets clear in the head, if is not clear of how inverter works then the individual is just limited to knowledge of what an inverter is.

The inverter is a great invention for human, without this device we might be still stuck with few things.

For instance now individual’s work life doesn’t come to a halt if they plan on travelling as the technology has evolved .Earlier when people used to travel a lot, their time was consumed by the journey and their work time was wasted. Now during the travel, a person is able to work and communicate with their office while being miles away and not being in the office or city physically. This has made travel very easy than ever expected, and this all is due to inverter. Normally if the individual is travelling by their car, SUV’S or caravans across the country, and they are constantly in touch with their office.

While the kids are enjoying their trip, and don’t cause any problems for the parents by crying and fighting, they are watching cartoons on their LCD’s which are fitted in the headrest of the front seats. Now all these things need supply of electricity in order to operate and work. It is similar to when we work on our laptops; they require electricity after certain time in order to run. They are being run on inverters and the way inverter works for this gadget is not that tricky, one just needs to get their head around it. The same is the case with the televisions at home they run on electricity. Now what the individual wonders is that how do all these gadgets operate and function within their cars, SUV’s or caravans, it all because of inverter and below how inverter works will be explained.

Most of the individuals have the curiosity about how an inverter works; it is not difficult to comprehend.

Inverter Schema
Inverter Schema

As mentioned above that the inverter takes power from the batteries and then it eventually turns the power into the household current , and the household current is to be known as the alternate current. Let’s first clarify the difference between the DC, which is the acronym for Direct current (the direct current, here the current starts from one direction or from one place and directly or straightly goes to the other end. The flow of the current is in one direction, therefore another reason it is also known as Direct current. Batteries are example of direct current as there the current flows from one direction and run straight to the end of other direction). While the AC is acronym for Alternate current, and the alternate current does tend to flow in one direction for a certain period. Then it changes its direction of current flow and now it goes in the opposite direction of the original flow. Example of AC current is the switches, which we have in our household. Another reason why the sockets use the AC current is that the Alternate Current is easily produced in comparison to the Direct Current. Above the denotation of inverter states, that it is an apparatus which known to convert two types of currents, the direct current to alternate current. Now the two types of currents are defined and their purpose as well, which makes it easier to comprehend how inverter works.

“The inverter also increases the Direct current voltage then it changes it to the alternate current, before sending it to power the gadget.”

The inverter also increases the Direct current voltage then it changes it to the alternate current, before sending it to power the gadget. This is how inverter works, although before it was the opposite the alternate current used to convert into the direct current. Although when this procedure was reversed into the direct current into, alternate current.

Let’s give brief description on how inverter works for the gadgets being used in the cars, SUV’s and the caravans.

The MP3, GPS acronym for Global positioning System, the LCD or the children might want to play with their portable video games (PSP, game boys). All these types of gadgets can be charged in the car, now the question which is commonly raised amongst the kids especially that how do these gadgets get charged within the car, SUV’s or the caravans when there is no socket which supplies electricity in order for the gadgets to be charged. The answer to the question on how inverter works is very simple and a one word answer with the help of the inverter. Which leads to another question of their; what is inverter and how inverter works. For them in easy and plain language which is easily comprehendible for them is that inverter is an electrical box which helps in producing electricity within the car for gadgets like these to be charged. Now the answer to their second part on how inverter works should also be kept simple and logical for them. It basically gets electricity from the car, stores in the electrical box and then when the individual plugs in their gadgets into the cigarette lighter which becomes the power port rather the socket which given the current and electricity to the gadget in order to help them to charge. This is how inverter works in the cars, SUV’s, and the caravans as well.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the concept of how inverter works is not that all one needs to do is try to comprehend it in the way it conceivable to person who has no knowledge about what the inverter is and how inverter works.