What is Actually a LED Light Therapy?

Women (and increasing numbers of men) are always looking for some new ways to keep their skin healthy, radiant, and young and of course to enhance their beauty.

Nowadays, being yours for as long as possible is a trend, and that’s why aesthetic medicine has many ways to successfully maintain the health and vitality of our skin. Skin light therapy is a method that became very popular for the last few years because of its revolutionary access to skin diseases and aesthetic problems.

What does LED skin therapy mean?

Most people are afraid of medical treatments of any kind, but especially on their face. With modern medicine you can relax because light therapy is a painless and yet efficient solution to all your problems. It has been scientifically proven that LED lights, that work at different frequencies and penetrate to different depths of our skin, have a beneficial effect on our skin problems. Light skin therapy combines light and colors and can be used to resolve some acne problems, reduction of wrinkles, removing pimples and blemishes and other irregularities on the face.

Led Light Therapy Mask

The LED is shortened for Light-emitting diodes, which are small semiconductors. This means that as electrons pass through this type of semiconductor, they are converted into light. LED therapy is also known as photodynamic therapy, which involves directing different colors of LED light into our skin. These lights can be used independently but also by combining several colors for different effects. This kind of therapy can also be used in combination with some other treatment to enhance the healing process.

What happens in treated areas?

The LED skin therapy starts and triggers various mechanisms inside the skin just by using light. That mechanism then kills numerous groups of bacteria that can cause acne. The best part of this therapy is that it destroys the bad bacterias without destroying healthy surrounding tissue.

The biggest causes of acne are bacteria from the so-called “order P“ – exactly those kinds of bacteria are photosensitive. That means by being in contact with the colored light from LED therapy, they are releasing some oxygen. Since these bacteria can not survive in the presence of oxygen, LED therapy by using blue lights, leads to their self-destruction.

Led Light Therapy Woman

The blue light isn’t the only one used in LED skin therapy. Red light also has many benefits when you don’t want any wrinkles on your face. Red LED light emits a certain frequency and penetrates directly into the skin layer where various processes happen. This layer is responsible for the production of elastin and collagen – the true nemesis of any wrinkled and saggy skin. By stimulating the production of these proteins, deep wrinkles are gradually reduced.

Also, in combination with other treatments, it is possible to achieve a lifting effect. Red light stimulates circulation, production of some extra collagen, and elastin and therefore it helps the general condition of the skin. Wrinkles become shallower, but the appearance of the new ones is prevented.

The next LED color that can be used in this kind of therapy is purple. As it is created by combining blue and red light, it has a double effect – antibacterial and regenerating. Purple light It penetrates the skin and destroys the bacteria that cause acne, but it also helps in the regeneration of already damaged skin.

Aesthetic Doctor Performs Light Emitting Diode Session

It is also recommended for the people who want to remove shallow scars caused by acne. If you’re having a problem with some spots or sun damages on your skin, the solution is LED therapy with a green light. It has a calming effect and removes a large number of spots from our faces. Penetrating into the skin, green light affects the production and the accumulation of melanin. Because of that process, spots in the skin disappear.

Last but not least is the yellow light therapy which can help you in keeping your young and fresh appearance. Yellow LED light stimulates microcirculation, bringing oxygen to the cells and stimulating its exchange between different layers of our skin. Therefore, it removes tiny red spots that are a result of poor skin microcirculation. This light enables a better skin tone and skin also becomes tighter and more elastic.

The main LED therapy used in the beauty industry is a light therapy mask. This treatment is also known as a non-surgical facelift. The procedure is very simple but efficient – it only takes 20 minutes. The color of the LED light and the mode of this mask are chosen depending on the problem you want to resolve.