Lessons from a Weight Loss Scrapbook

We sometimes feel that we can never succeed in getting our weight down. Our bodies can seem to be so temperamental that it seems rather useless to attempt any form of control. For some people, the issue of obesity can be a psychological struggle and more than involving a physical level of restriction.

A poor body image can drive a person into terrible eating disorders or self-destructive habits. Scrapbooking your weight loss struggles as well as successes can enable you to overcome your fears and enjoy the full fruits of the program that you are following.

How I Overcame my Fear of Weight Loss

Break down the challenge into little bits. If someone told you that you are going to run a marathon; you may be intimidated by the prospect. However, if they tell you that you are going to be given a month to accomplish different segments then you can start the process.

Lessons from a Weight Loss Scrapbook

Walking up the stairs is a perfect example of a durable exercise that blends smoothly into your practical living arrangements. You can use your scrapbook to identify and appreciate those aspects of your life that can help you get into shape. It also allows you to break down challenges into segments that are easier to manage over the long run.

Using the inspiration to begin

Writing down your weight loss targets can be a great motivation to begin that first step. Often exercise becomes enjoyable after you have overcome those initial pains and strains. The first time that you visit the gym after a long period of absence will be an adjustment.

Your muscles will ache in various places as you do the exercises. You might feel that everyone can go harder and longer than you. All these experiences and feelings should be recorded in your scrapbook. Make your goals clear with colorful layout, and it will help you make sense of some of your hesitancy and give you the inspiration to move forward.

Living an integrated lifestyle

The things that you do at lunchtime can have an impact on your bedtime routine. The Sunday Roast that you enjoy at grand mama’s house can give you enough calories to destroy your weekly targets. The imprudent fast run on the treadmill might mean that you are going to visit the emergency room for chest pains.

Our life is a tapestry that is full of conflicts and contradictions. Use your scrapbook to pre-plan and really put some thought into your weight loss – this will enable you to link everything together. You will be able to understand how the decisions you make affect your long term health.

Stop lying to yourself When the T-Shirt gets tight

You know deep down it isn’t the washing machine that shrunk it. You also know in your heart that taking those extra sweets won’t get burned off later in the gym. Scrapbooking your weight loss journey can bring you so much self-love and awareness. Make page layouts that include past, present, and potential future hurdles so you can be assured that you are progressing in your attempts to improve your health.

For many people, a weight loss scrapbook is a companion. It is the forum through which they can discuss and illustrate their innermost responses to the regime that they are undergoing. It is your choice to share it with your friends and family at the appropriate time.