Get your home a Victorian fireplace

Queen Victoria’s empire grew with the advent of the Industrial revolution. The Victorian age marked a period of wealth and opulence. This is reflected in the design of the Victorian fireplace. These fireplaces are lavishly done with a lot of ornamentation. The Victorian fireplace is also largely influenced by the Gothic and Rococo periods.

It was during the Victorian era that fireplaces became popular. People started using the fireplace to add a dash of class to their rooms. With drastic changes in structures of homes, fireplace styles have also evolved with new technologies. Techniques such as sand casting enable manufacturers to create innovative designs.

Basic styling

Victorian fireplaces are large and elaborate. They are made of cast iron, stone or wood and have a pointed inner arch. They are mostly ornate, with porcelain used as decoration. Most Victorian fireplaces are made from cast iron. Cast iron is said to be an integral part of Victorian design. Cast iron is durable and heavy.

Get your home a Victorian fireplace

Tiles used in Victorian fireplaces are deeply patterned. The Victorian fireplace has a wider mantelshelf on the fireplace surround. This provides more space to display ornaments. They also feature decorative motifs. The cornucopia is popular as a carved relief or it is cast into the hood. The Victorian fireplace surrounds are generally made from marble or wood.

Floral and Foliate patterns

Decorative corbels at both the sides generally support Victorian mantelshelves. They are curved and they perform the function of supporting the wider shelf. They also add aesthetic appeal to the fireplace. In typical Victorian fireplaces, angled pair of tiled cheeks flank the grate.

They serve to reflect heat into the room and are decorative in design. Most Victorian fireplaces are large and how the predominance of strong and vibrant colors. Other features include the use of egg and dart molding in the cast iron grate. Also commonly seen are floral and foliate patterns.

Where to find them?

Salvage yards and antique fairs are feasible and cost-effective options. They can also be purchased online. Many websites offer good bargains for antique Victorian fireplaces. Victorian fireplaces add a dash of elegance and grace to the room.