Veterinary Assistant Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most recently reported median veterinary assistant salary was $22,040 annually, or $10.60 an hour. The job of the veterinary assistant is to work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, assisting the vet with treatments and procedures while performing diagnostic tests to treat animals that are sick or injured.

Vet Assistants Salary & Job Growth

The number of veterinary assistants is poised to grow in the coming decade. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predict that by 2010, this occupation will experience a fourteen percent growth, which is about as fast as the majority of jobs. This is due to the ever-expanding pet population and the accelerated rate at which pet owners are providing their pets with the best care possible. Now more than ever before, the emphasis in pet ownership has turned to pets being treated like a part of the family, not just as a possession. Another thing that is fueling the growth of veterinary medicine is advancements that have been made in the field. Today, the veterinary office can offer services for animals that compare in quality to those offered to people. Animal hospitals and clinics are expected to double in number across the country, and there will be a need to staff these facilities with veterinary assistants.

Factors Affected Veterinary Assistant Salary

Not all veterinary assistants make the same amount of money. Veterinary assistant salary can vary widely and depends on a number of different factors. The top factor affected salary for vet assistants is the number of years of experience that they have in the field. Obviously, an assistant who has twenty years experience in the veterinary office would make more than one who is fresh out of high school. The amount of education that the vet assistant has will also play an important role in how much the assistant can make. If the vet assistant has specialized in any particular area of veterinary medicine, that specialty can also affect the assistant’s earning potential.

Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine

Another telling factor that can affect veterinary assistant salary is the geographical area where the vet assistant is working. Certain areas of the country pay more for this type of service than others. Overall, employment opportunities for the veterinary assistant are fair to excellent, and this is especially true in rural areas. How to Become a Veterinary Assistant

Training And Certification

There is no formal training required to become a veterinary assistant, also veterinary assistant salary ranges will be greater for those who take a short-term training course. The American Association of Laboratory Animal Science offers certification for those vet assistants who plan to work in research facilities. Most vet assistants have a high school diploma or general education diploma equivalent only, and many facilities offer on-the-job training. It can be useful to have experience working with animals if you are planning a career as a vet assistant. Above all, those looking to earn a veterinary assistant salary should be compassionate, treating animals with kindness, and have a true love of animals. Most veterinary assistants report that they are not in their chosen field for the money, but because working with animals is a rewarding and enriching experience.

A Registered Nurse’s Salary Is High and Worth Persuing

Becoming a registered nurse is not the easiest career path one can choose, but the average RN salary is quite high, making it a very lucrative and rewarding choice. Nursing is one profession that you can’t go wrong with. CNN recently conducted a survey to identify the best 50 jobs in the US. Nurse practitioners stood fourth in the list, while nurse anesthetists held the 15th position.

RN Salary (and other related nursing positions)

As of date, the average annual salary of a registered nurse working as a nurse practitioner is near about $85,200, but some of these nurse practitioners earn as high as $113,000 per annum. Nurse anesthetists, on the other hand, earn near about $157,000 annually. Top salaries of more experienced nurse anesthetists can exceed almost $214,000 per year.

In comparison, the average RN salary is approximately $66,530 each year.

The annual pay packet of a physician’s assistant is about $81,600, while physical therapists earn approximately $74,410 each year. Effectively, nursing is one of the highest-paid professions in the US healthcare industry.

There are reasons, other than this high pay scale, for people choosing nursing as their profession. The list of such reasons includes job security, personal satisfaction, and growth prospects in career. There is also the “feel-good factor” for contributing to the society that is associated with the nursing profession. However, life is not easy for nursing professionals.

There is a lot of stress in both nurse anesthetists’ as well as nurse practitioners’ jobs. In fact, there is more responsibility in all healthcare professions than in other professions because people’s lives are literally at stake. There is a corresponding level of job satisfaction, which is often the reason nursing jobs are preferred to other jobs.

There are different educational and training routes that can be followed for qualifying as a nurse. Some of the nurse training programs are offered by junior colleges and there are even a few offered by the community. Alternatively, the student may join any of the diploma courses that are offered by some of the hospitals in the US. Ideally though, nursing student should opt for a bachelor of science (BSc) in nursing. A BSc or BSN is preferred over other lesser nursing degrees by most healthcare facilities. Consequently, the demand for nurses with a BSN is higher, as are the starting salaries.

Employment prospects in almost all spheres of health care remain bright, despite recession. In addition, the demand for registered nurses is expected to grow at a higher rate than many other professions.

A study has indicated that between 2008 and 2018, almost 581,500 new registered nurse jobs will come up. This implies that nurses will not have much difficulty in finding employment in the coming years. In addition, they will be offered a higher RN salary and additional benefits as the demand supply disparity increases. Even today, there are several regions in the US facing an acute shortage of nursing personnel.

This is the primary reason the average RN salary varies considerably from one state to another.

There are many areas of specialization available to a registered nurse such as trauma, hospice, critical care, radiology, transport, and healthcare at home. With high a high RN salary, great benefits, fulfilling work and a guaranteed job almost anywhere, becoming a registered nurse is a great investment in your future.