How to Utilize a Small Bedroom

Imagine that you have a spare, small bedroom in your home. What should you use it for, given its small size? Your first instincts maybe to make it a guest bedroom, but hold on a second – there could be better uses for that room than a bedroom.

If you put your creativity to work, you could transform the room into something the whole family could enjoy. If you’d still like to make it a bedroom, there are some strategies you can enact to let you make the best use of the space. Just because a room is small doesn’t mean that it has to be uncomfortable or unwieldy.

Clean the Room

The first step is to clean out the room of all furniture and give it a good scrub down and vacuuming. This will prepare the room for the next stages of the renovation.

How to Utilize a Small Bedroom

Determine The Room’s Use

Next, you need to figure out what you want to use the room for. If you’re going to make it a guest bedroom, you’re done, but think creatively about how else you can transform the room. A home office may be an excellent investment if you’re finding it challenging to work at home. A library could be a great way to transform a room into a cozy reading nook. Or you could make the room into a playroom for your children.

Gather the Furniture

No matter how you will utilize the room, gather all the furniture and other furnishings, you’ll need to fill out the room. Since the room is small, you will want to get small furniture to conserve space. For instance, if you are making the room a bedroom, get the most modest bed, you can that will still be comfortable.

Also, try to find furniture that can act as more than one piece in the room. For instance, a bookshelf or dresser could stand-in for a nightstand or a TV stand. The more you compress function, the more space you’ll have to live and breathe in the room.

Sketch Out a Design

Before you go ahead and populate the room, measure the dimensions of the room and the major pieces of furniture. Sit down and plan out ahead of time where the furniture will go. Make sure to figure out the most optimal positions for the furniture, given how the room will be used. You may find that, over time, you may have to change the layout of the room, so don’t stress about getting the design perfect.

Conserve Space with Creative Solutions

There are plenty of storage solutions available that can help you conserve space. Get bins and other devices to help you keep clutter from dominating the space. If the room has a closet, find the best ways to make use of that extra space without turning the closet into a catch-all.

Streamline the Room

As the room is used, you’ll find that some pieces are unnecessary. Eliminate what must not be in the room to make the best use of the space. Don’t forget to use the wall to hang items, lights, and shelves, as necessary – don’t ignore the third dimension, height, and be stuck to the two dimensions of length and width in the room!

Change the Color Palette

Bold or bright colors can make a room smaller than it is. Stick to neutral colors to help give the illusion of space.

Use the Room and Experiment

You’ll only figure out what truly works when you live in the room for a while. Don’t be afraid to change things up if you discover better ideas. Here’s an awesome article on bedroom styling suggestions. Here’s another article on choosing Bedroom curtains.