Universal Studios Hollywood California – important information before you visit

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Universal Studios, Hollywood, here is a handy list of information about the park that you should know before going there.

The first thing is how to get your tickets. You can get tickets from Universal Studios directly, online or over the phone. You can also get tickets from travel agencies or other travel sites, including costco.com. Finally, tickets can be purchased at the front gate, though there is typically a long line so it’s not advisable. It costs $109-129 for one-day general admission. You can also buy a VIP Studio Pass for $349 which allows one person into the park with added benefits, which is described later below.

If you plan to return to the theme park within the year, you may want to purchase annual tickets, which will give you a bit of a discount.  Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California, at 100 Universal City Plaza. If you are driving, you can find Universal Studios directly off of Highway 101, which is also known as the Hollywood Freeway. You only have to travel 10 minutes from downtown LA to get to the park. Parking at the site is quite easy, as Universal Studios has a straight forward pay parking system. Each car is $28. While the lots aren’t too far from the entrance, you have the option of “preferred parking” located closer to the park. This option will cost you $40.

For most visitors, you can comfortably finish all of the attractions and shows in the park within a single day. But in the case that you don’t have a full day to spend at the park, or if you just don’t like lining up, you should purchase the VIP pass, which allows you to bypass the lines for all attractions/rides. This will allow you to save on wait times, allowing you more time to just experience and enjoy the attractions themselves.

One of the new sections in the park is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The rides, shops, and restaurants there are all appropriately themed to Harry Potter. It’s not to be missed, especially by Harry Potter fans.

If it happens to rain while you’re there, don’t let it ruin your day. Universal continues as normal even when it rains, and many of the attractions are indoors. If the weather is really severe and the weather is a serious issue then the shows may be cancelled or moved to a different location.  If the weather is severe enough that the park staff decided to close the park a rain check will begiven to everyone. These rain checks will be handed out if over ⅛ of an inch of rain falls before 2 pm in the afternoon. The passes allow you to return to the park within 30 days of the original visit.

If you have any special needs or conditions that may need unique accommodations, definitely contact Guest Services by phone before your visit. Some services can take almost two weeks to prepare, so the earlier you can contact Guest Services with your request, the better the staff team can provide accommodations.

With all this information, there are a few more tips to keep in mind:

1.Decide on a meeting place with everyone in your group, in case one of you gets lost or separated. You should also have everyone in your party grab a map so they can find their way to the meeting area

2. You should definitely bring lots of sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and hats to help shield you from the sun.

3.Go to the Studio Tour early in the day. Even after the Studio Tour has closed most of the other attractions will still be open.

4.It will be very hot. Make sure that you dress appropriately. You should also think about bringing an extra set of clothes to change into after the splash rides, or if your clothes get too sweaty.

5.If you will be there during the evening hours, bring a sweater or hoodie to put on as it can cool down quickly, especially in the fall and winter months.

6.Think about buying a VIP Studio Pass which will give you the ability to move through the line for attractions and rides much faster. This is a huge time saver and will keep you from wasting time and sitting in the line

7.Try to avoid buying food inside the park. The food there is very expensive, and frankly not very good. Food is a lot cheaper right outside the City Walk and you are allowed to bring your own food.

8.Use a backpack or bag to carry your belongings. If you need to have a lot of items but don’t want to carry them all day, you could rent a locker at guest services.

9 Make sure to do your shopping when you are ready to go home, so you don’t have to bring huge packages everywhere you go. Just in case, Universal has an area where youcan store your package just in case you can’t wait until the end of the day.

10 Leave small babies and toddlers with a caretaker at home. They won’t have fun at the park and if you bring them along you won’t either

12.The final and most important steps are to see and do as much as possible. When we went to Universal Studios it was really entertaining, and I hope these tips will make your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood just as fun.

The ticket prices listed above are correct as of 2020. You should also check the Universal Studios Hollywood official website for the most current prices.