Unique Design Elements to Add to Your Home

Is your flat starting to feel as drab and dreary as the summer weather? When even a thorough dusting does not make the place more cheery, it might be time to bring some new design elements into your interior areas to lift your mood. Nothing can be done about the climate, but you have many alternatives for sparking up your flat and your spirits with unique design elements, of course!

Interior Design
Interior Design

One-of-a-Kind Furnishings

If you love the new quirky furnishings, consider Grace Bonneys chopped tables. Bonney has found a way to use cut dowels, colour, and a metal ring to create occasional tables to spice up your living room or garden terrace. This do-it-yourself project is fun and easy. Updating the furnishings in the front of the house can be achieved with simple, classic looks, like with VisionDecor.com entryway furniture. If you have piles of clutter to overcome, you could build a wall of cupboards to house your memorabilia and necessitiesout of sight and out of mind. Wacky shaped side chairs and cubes covered in whimsical prints are other options for brightening an otherwise dreary room.

Colour Ranges

Redecorating doesn’t have to include a full overhaul of your flat, from the flooring and paint to the furniture and window blinds. It is easy with the new colour ranges and wacky wallpapers to incorporate bright, lively decorating schemes. Annabell Smith, Style Director for Livingetc Paints, says you can add interest and depth with the new paint ranges. One suggestion is to try two-tone decorating. By masking off two or three horizontal stripes (of differing sizes) just below the wall center, you can draw on complimentary colours to add romance and elegance to your bedroom. Using a light pink against a soft, subtle gray/green is perfect for a flattering, romantic transformation.

Lighting Accessories

If you are not bowled over about changing your colours throughout your flat, consider adding wallpapers to one accent wall. You might also consider elements for lighting that rely on shape and contrast to add interest. Unusually shaped pendant lights, flamboyant candelabras or chandeliers and side table lamps can all be incorporated to add interest and intrigue to your schemes.

Personal Bits and Bobs

Displaying personal bits and pieces around your flat reveals your own style and personality. A unique touch to incorporate into your space is custom coasters made from your favorite photographs. You might include vacation photos, snapshots of family or anything that hints to your personality. Instagram is offering a new service that converts photos to beautiful coasters to protect your table finishes. The creators that developed the process were inspired to create something that would be highly personal that would contrast the stark natural differences between online images and concrete-touchable art pieces.

Unique Design Elements

Exterior Additions

Experts often suggest you bring the outside in; however, American metal artist Brandon Williams has come up with modern, exterior fires for your garden patio. The sleek modern design and vibrant colours are certain to chase away the dampness. Striking, verticals lines mixed with simple curves make for a dramatic eye-catching center piece to gather round.You can strip your flat and start over from the floor up, but sometimes making one or two changes is enough to revitalize and organize your space with a fresh scheme. Finish off the room with designer Blinds.com window blinds to block the sun and add privacy or drape fabrics over window rods to present a lighter, more airy atmosphere.

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