You Love Girona

Girona is a very beautiful and discreet city. It is said that Girona (Gironès in Catalan), would be the first city of Spain for its quality of life. The old districts of the right bank of Onyar are magnificent. Girona deserves its nickname “the city of thousand seats” as it was besieged thirteen times from …

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Enjoy At GeoHoliday Aka Fairfield Vacation Spots

While the average traveler in North America is faced with many options for lodging, a GeoHoliday membership opens a few new doors to the average traveler. The real beauty of a GeoHoliday membership is that it allows members to reserve excellent lodging and resort accommodations for as long as they own their memberships at the …

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Welcome Home 1

Welcome home or adoption day parties!

Becoming an older child adoptive family is exciting, challenging, surprising, and rewarding I’m a 44-year old single mom, born in Detroit, wandered the world in my 20s, now live in Nashville. Hannah is 6 3/4, from Rybinsk, Russia, got home in November 1997. She’s truly an exceptional child and I am very blessed. Getting us …

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Skiing in Andorra

The Pyrenees Hills lie across the border in between France and Spain. Additionally on this border is the small principality of Andorra, as small nation that’s winter sports crazy! With 2 noticeable top quality ski hotels, Andorra is an excellent area to leave everything; a relaxing, picturesque, charming location, with hill sights to take your …

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Restaurant concept – Modern Toilet in Taiwan

Restaurant concept – Modern Toilet in Taiwan

Let’s talk about a non-conventional restaurant brand called Modern Toilet. The first restaurant opened in 2004 under the name of “Marton Restaurant” in Taiwan in 2006 the brand has evolved under the name of “Modern Toilet” to facilitate its international development desire. For your information, “Matong” is the Chinese word to say the toilet. Poo …

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St Thomas Vacations for Seniors

St Thomas Vacations for Seniors

Each year, millions of senior citizens hit the road or hit the skies. Many of them will end up at some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. If you are a senior citizen, how does that sound to you? If traveling is something that you wouId Iike to do, you have an …

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The Red Sea

To anyone standing on its shore and gazing out across its heavenly waters, the Red Sea may seem to be a mislabeling. Its blueness is eternal and anything less red cannot be fantasized. The Red Sea , where the desert meets the ocean, is truly one of the planets most exotic and fascinating natural seascape …

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Resorts In Cavite

Complete Cavite, Philippines Travel Spots You Must Know!

Be fascinated with Cavite’s eco-treasures such as mystical caves, superb mountains and refreshing falls which are the main reasons why more and more tourists are coming back for their holiday at Cavite. Natural wonders in Cavite are mostly found in the upland areas such as Tagaytay Ridge, Cabag Cave in Maragondon, Balite Falls in Amadeo, …

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romantic log cabin getaways with hot tub

romantic log cabin getaways with hot tub in the UK for 2020

Increasing numbers of people are searching to go on their holidays in numerous ways and the countryside has grown to be tremendously fashionable. As a lot more people have a home in town locations a getaway to the countryside is one thing which is leading on a lot of people’s checklist of holiday break destinations, …

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Siberian Adventure01

Days Of Siberian Adventure

Siberian Adventure We are safely back from our journey across Russia, to pick up our new adopted son, Gregory (formerly Yegor) from his orphanage in Chita City, Siberia. Gregory is a cheerful, healthy, energetic (very!) little boy; and when I say little, I mean it, as he is undernourished and a long way behind western …

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Rechargeable Portable Power

The rechargeable portable packs industry has received a tremendous boost from the current global economic growth. Portable power is projected to be a dynamic and fast growing sector, which will be driven by the demand for consumer electronics and portability in the world. Led by the growing business activity in North America and Asia, the …

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Transport shower gurneys, water resistant PVC construction by Anthros Medical, priced right, ready to ship. Take a look at the transport shower gurneys offered here. Anthros Medical is known world wide for their durable, water resistant healthcare equipment. Anthros Medical builds their healthcare equipment from heavy duty, durable PVC material that is waterproof, easy to …


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A Tour of a Hangar Home

Airport Communities (homes with hangars and their own runways) are gaining even more popularity as more and more pilots are opting for the new Aviation Category called Light Sports Aircraft (LSA). Besides being easier to become licensed to fly in (unless you are already a rated pilot in which case you are all set) these …

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Cycling tourism

Bike Travel Adventures – Discover the world on a bicycle in 2020

Bicycle touring, long-distance cycling, mixed-terrain bicycle touring or expedition touring (bicycle trekking) are different types of cycling, nevertheless, they represent the original form of cycling tourism, i.e., cycling without a specific purpose where movement is the purpose in itself. Neither the feeling of speed, strength, stamina or daunting mountain climbs are the challenge but the …

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