La Paz - The World’s Highest Capital City

La Paz – The World’s Highest Capital City

La Paz is the world’s highest administrative capital city. Though its official altitude is 3636 meters, the city spreads from the Altiplano at 4000 meters down along the rugged canyon of the Rio Choqueyapu to the wealthier suburbs at about 3000 meters. La Paz was founded by Alonso de Mendoza in 1548, following the discovery …

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Museums in Manila

After a day of the tour all over the city of Manila, the next day of hourly schedule for the tourists to prepare is to search in the glamorous exhibit state-of-the-art paintings and antique’s collection in the Museums of the city of Manila. The city of Manila has fabulous historical influences and cultural scene. Take …

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Single Parent Travel Tips

The most common mistake made by travel agencies, tour operators, and resort hotels is to assume that the travel needs and desires of single parents are the same, or similar to, the needs of double parent families traveling together with their kids. Single parents often seek different agendas and must be twice as organized, as …

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Nosara Treasures

Nosara Treasures

The rolling hills around Nosara are peppered with hidden treasures like the Costa Rica Yoga Spa, the location of our next Yoga & Zumba retreat on April 28 through May 4, 2012, and the Tropical Revival Yoga Retreat in March 2012. This resort is only a couple of years old and has already established itself …

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German Hotel Booking

German Hotel Booking

Germany is the country where the tourist season lasts all-year-round, and this is not occasional as it is considered the most beautiful country in Central Europe. Germany has much influenced the history of the continent. From Charles the Great and the Holy Roman Empire to Otto von Bismarck, Nazism, erecting and destruction of Berlin Wall, …

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Top tips about saving money while travelling in Europe

Top tips about saving money while travelling in Europe

While traveling in and throughout different areas of Europe, you may be wondering how you can save the most amount of money while still enjoying a magnificent holiday away from home. Although Europe is known as one of the most expensive countries to travel in, luckily there are several tips and ways that you can …

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Vacation Destinations For Europe

Vacation Destinations For Europe

Madrid is Europe’s liveliest funds. Your earliest thought and your parting you maybe that one sleeps on this town-visit from any of the neighborhood eating places, mesons, and/or tapas bars around midnight on a loud and even friendly verification. A community of contrasts, The UK is in unison the cradle of pomp, pageantry, and even …

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Top Money-Saving Tips for Business Travelers

Top Money-Saving Tips for Business Travelers

Did you know that even with the ever-evolving transitions in technology (such as video teleconferencing and Skype) that business travel still accounts for 2.3 million jobs and almost 250 billion dollars in spending in the United States alone? Yep, that’s a lot of air miles, rental cars, hotel receipts, and expense reports. To add to …

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5 Best Cars for Long Road Trips

5 Best Cars for Long Road Trips

Long-distance travel has always been a dichotomous undertaking. On the one hand, the concept of taking a road trip denotes freedom and adventure, a sort of unplanned exploration that cannot be had with other forms of travel. You can stop wherever you like, make side trips to see places or attractions along the way, and …

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Rhino Van Roof Racks

Rhino van roof racks

Thule bars offer functional solutions for transport and allow your vehicle to develop according to changing needs. The automotive industry does not lack options when it comes to roofs. Thule roof bars and the roofs are known as one of the most popular roofs with baskets so far. They offer full value for money and …

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Where to Snorkel in Hawaii

Where to Snorkel in Hawaii

Some of the best snorkeling in the world is found here in Hawaii. Many great snorkeling places can be found just by driving up, parking your car, and boom!… you’re snorkeling! There are way too many places to list them all here, but some of the nicer ones are Hanauma Bay, Turtle Bay, and Waimea …

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Restaurants in London

Several of the very best of the capital’s restaurants are still thought of as a few of the leading anywhere. Gourmets will do a lot to dine at one of these hotspots & commonly one can be made to book a spot ahead to get a place, or maybe to be willing to settle at …

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