All you need to know about Torrentz2 proxy

P2P file-sharing is the process of distributing and sharing different types of digital media. Such files and content are basically stored and can be found on different devices connected to the peer-to-peer network. Over the last few years, we can attest that sharing file technology has significantly improved. But the BitTorrent agreement has maintained to be the popular method of sharing. BitTorrent technology is commonly and popularly used for torrenting.

Several websites and programs have emerged since the interception of torrenting and torrents have undoubtedly become a world solo option for downloading content for free.

Torrentz2 is one of the awesome go-to torrenting sites preferred by many people. It is popularly recognized for its fabulous goodies, including TV shows, software, movies, files, games, and anything you want to watch or download. The good thing with this platform is that it is user-friendly, therefore offering the users a great experience.

Is Torrentz2 blocked?

Many countries do not tolerate the accessibility of the torrenting sites due to the copyright issues raised by the owners of the shared content. For this reason, internet service providers and law enforcement agencies are trying so hard to block torrenting sites in some regions. The good news is that even if Torrentz2 is blocked in your country, the process of accessing it is fairly simple. All that is required is the utilization of the right approach, and everything will work out well. So what is the right approach?

Basically, the entertainment field is improving every day and the same case to the sharing of files and media. Having the right knowledge of torrenting nowadays can help unblock any torrenting platform and download anything you want.

How Torrentz2 works

Torrentz2 is primarily a search engine for torrent files and media. Whether you are utilizing proxy or mirror sites, VPN, or accessing it directly, the platform will offer the same information. Basically, the platform offers a lot of files and media that require opening in the downloading software. Torrentz2 normally works great for the aim of providing reliable and fast downloads for files of all kinds. Torrentz2 uses a simple process that requires basic knowledge only. With this website, you can download several paid movies, apps, TV shows, and other categories for free.

Does the platform offer free file download?

Yes! Torrentz2 is a reliable source to download free files. The good news is that you can acquire any file on it for free. All you need is to open the website in separate downloading software like Bit Torrent. Why consider Torrentz2 to download your files and media?

If you are a film maniac and looking forward to watching the latest or recent film in the cinema, then you might consider the likes of Torrrentz2, which possess several options for TV shows, software, and other files. If you can’t access the site directly, getting it unblocked is pretty easy and definitely a wise option as well. There are several proxy and mirror sites awaiting you. With mirror and proxy sites, you can definitely access the mother site at ease.

Is the platform fast and reliable?

A platform that offers a super fast and reliable downloading speed offers the best experience. Normally, torrent site users rate some torrenting sites badly since they can’t handle downloading big files faster. The good thing with Torrentz2 is that it provides super-fast download no matter the size of the file.

Furthermore, Torrentz2 ensures a secure and reliable download. The site’s developers are devoted to creating virus free application. Files and media are screened for safety before they are uploaded on the site. Simply put, Torrentz2 is one of the fast, reliable, and free downloading sites available.

List of Torrentz2 proxy servers


If you can’t access the main site directly, try these proxy servers. If all of them do not work, at least work will. Unluckily, if you can’t get any working, you can consider using a VPN.

Unblocking Torrentz2 with a VPN

Another awesome technique to unblock torrentz2 in your country is using a VPN. Before you consider this option, it is critical to choose a reliable VPN. Basically, there are a few best options available to offer the best unblocking torrenting services. They fake your IP address and make the internet trackers assume you are in a different location. Although all the VPN are tailored to mask your IP address, some of them might expose your IP. That said, it worth investing in the right VPN service provider.

Torrentz2 alternatives

Even though Torrentz2 offers the best torrenting services, in some rare cases, you might find it challenging to access the site despite using mirrors, proxies, or the VPN. In such cases, it is worth considering a platform whose features and functionalities match that of the Torrentz2. Here are some awesome reliable Torrentz2 alternatives.

Kickass torrent

This platform is ideal for hosting all kinds of files on the internet exclusively. Simply put, it is a site that doesn’t disappoint when downloading any type of file. It still possesses a lot of proxy servers to ensure its availability across the globe.


Established a long time ago, this platform is popularly recognized to offer a wide variety of downloadable TV series and movies. For content files, RARBG is ideally the best alternative for Torrentz2.


When looking for a variety of downloadable files over the internet, LimeTorrents should come into your mind. The site possesses different types of files allowing users to access anything from TV series to films, cracks to software, and anime to games for free.


With many Torrenting platforms available on the internet today, Torrentz2 is worth consideration. It has a lot to offer to all entertainment lovers. All you need to do is try to access the main site first. If it doesn’t work, consider using proxies and mirrors already mentioned above.
For the best, simple, and faster accessibility, consider investing in the best VPN.