Torrenting with Torrentdownloads while observing safety

Since its interception, torrentdownloads can boast of hosting millions of torrents. The site is rich in all varieties of content, particularly movies and TV shows. Music and all sorts of games, including PSP, PS2, PC, Xbox, and Wii, are available. The site is popular for its high download speeds, as most of the content appears and downloads in minutes once you complete your search. Currently, torrentdownnloads has over 16 million torrents that users can enjoy.

How to download from torrentdownloads

The downloading experience with torrentdownloads is easy given the friendly interface of the site. Using your tablet or computer, you only need a downloading software (app) to get a torrent into your device. If you have a Mac device, you could use the Folx downloader to download torrents from torrentdownloads.

If you don’t have a downloading app already, you can easily download and launch it into your device. After launching, you need to grant the app preference to access the download links. From here, the downloading procedure varies with the brand of your device. In this case, we would like to discuss the procedure when using a Mac device.

  1. Paste the file URL
  2. Assign the tags
  3. Click the “save to” option that will direct you to the download path
  4. Select if you want Folx’s download path to be manual, automatic, or scheduled
  5. Using the “split” option, choose the number of threads to split the file you are to download.
  6. Rename the file if need be and then look after the referrer URL
  7. Counter check the description of the downloading file.
  8. Set the login and password you’ll be using for authentication purposes
  9. Finally, save the settings. You could set the settings as default if you don’t want to keep repeating this process every time you want to download a torrent.

Torrentdownloads proxy and mirror sites

Torrenting is illegal in many countries, and as a result, torrenting sites get blocked. If you are in a country in which the access of torrentdownloads has been blocked, you could use torrentdownloads mirrors and proxies as viable solutions to access the unblocked torrentdownloads. While not many of these mirrors and proxies are safe, we have managed to come up with a list of trusted sites after thorough research and analysis. Listed below are the best and safest torrentdownloads proxies and mirrors as at now:


Torrentdownloads alternatives

  • Torlock
  • Demonoid
  • Toorgle
  • Zamunda
  • YTS torrents
  • Kickass torrents

Torrentdownloads redirecting to limetorrents

During torrenting, you could have possibly experienced a time when torrentdownloads redirects you to limetorrents. At that same time, your friend who could have been using the site, could ask you whether you’ve noted something wrong with torrentdownloads. You could even think of visiting Google to search for a solution, but then you find another person who has posted a similar problem and is seeking a solution.

Redirecting to limetorrents happens not because your computer has an issue but because torrentdownloads could have made a change on their end. When the site makes DNS changes, it’s normal that the changes could take quite some time to propagate the internet. If you try torrenting during that time, that’s when you could be redirected to limetorrents.

So what do you do if the problem takes an abnormally long time? Well, try to clear the cookies in your web browser or clear the cache of your operating system’s DNS. You could as well clear both just to be sure that you’ve checked everything on your side. Another option could be to change your browser; for instance, if you were using the Phoenix browser, you could change the Tor browser and see if there could be some positive results.

Firefox and Chrome browsers block torrentdownnloads

Despite being a popular torrenting site, torrentdownnloads has currently been blocked by Firefox and Chrome browsers, and other utilities inclusive of Malwarebytes. According to Chrome and Firefox, the reason for blocking torrentdownloads is that the site had safety issues.

Torrentdownnloads’ admins have cited that the safety issue raised was just a mistake by one of its affiliate users who raised the alarm. The user had uploaded a torrent title that read “10 most popular torrent sites,” but when opened, it wasn’t really what it should have been- it was a sort of phishing activity going on.

Torrentdownnloads, however, apologized for the inconvenience caused and took necessary steps to remove the affiliate user and to warn all other users about such actions. The torrent was also pulled out immediately.

How to be safe in torrentdownloads

In a world where technology pirates are on the lookout to hijack innocent internet users, we cannot afford to ignore technology safety measures. What should you do to remain safe when torrenting via torrentdownloads?

First, you could use antivirus software that scans for the presence of malware when downloading torrents. Once malware is detected, the antivirus takes the necessary steps to eliminate it and prevent any spread of the virus.

There are also files that you must avoid if at all you have to be safe. Files ending with .bat and .exe are not to be trusted. Additionally, WMA and WMV files aren’t trustworthy. There’s also a rare category of files that have a fifty percent chance of carrying malware; TAR, ACE, and RAR files.

Torrentdownloads mirrors are plenty, but their large number does not guarantee safe torrenting solutions. You need to use safe mirrors and proxies; we have listed some of the safest above, to avoid shortcomings that come with fake mirrors that carry malware or other malicious software. If you consider using torrentdownloads’ alternatives, use the safe options given above to get a thrilling experience.


Is it that movie or TV show? Is it the e-book? Or could it be that favorite game? Get these and more from torrentdownloads. Use the mirrors and proxies if you have difficulties accessing this torrenting site from your region. The alternatives above are the second-best solutions if at all the site, its mirrors and proxies aren’t working. Don’t just sit back and relax, enjoy your time to the maximum using torrentdownloads’ high-quality torrents.
For accessibility assurance, privacy, and secure online activities, consider using the right VPN.