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I’ve been in valet for about a year now and I’ve been to many waterfalls I haven’t been to all of them because there’s.

I’m serious there is like a lot of waterfalls in Bali, but this article gonna be my top five waterfalls in different categories based on my own experience 2020.

1. Sekumpul Waterfall

so epic one of the really cool waterfalls that lots of people talk about is called Sekumpul. I’ve been there like two times the first time was two years ago and it was so much fun we went down to the waterfall.

Sekumpul waterfall
Sekumpul waterfall

we swim there when I was there this year in the beginning of 2019 they had switched the whole system it cost

120,000 IDR to go down to the waterfall and swim and only 20,000 if you just want to look at it from the above and I think it cost even more if you want to go down and then continue hiking to other.

waterfalls on hike around this waterfall sekumpul really big it’s really cool you can take really cool pictures here, you can swim there’s several waterfalls it’s not you’re not gonna be alone here it’s gonna be a touristy waterfall.

so it’s gonna be you it’s gonna be lots of tourists and there are buses coming there to park with lots of tourists. so if y’all want to go there and be more or less alone you have to come there in the morning. sekumpul is big and famous and tall and epic.

2. Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung is the next what if I’m gonna talk about the waterfall was huge and epic. I mean there there was a really small hole at the top that spewing tons of water and maybe it’s not dollar than sekumpul.

Nungnung Waterfall
Nungnung Waterfall

but it’s so massive pictures here are amazing, you can literally when you take a photo of the person in front of the waterfall you can fill the whole frame with water the background and you don’t even have to be that close to the waterfall.

we can be kind of far away, so I think in my opinion sekumpul is big, tall, epic, and expensive. nungnung is on a cheaper side but really tall and big and epic.

yeah PewDiePie went there on his honeymoon, one of the things that is hard in nungnung is the height.

Nungnung is actually really height hiking, not down. down is really easy and the road is really good there.

but they hiked up oh my god it’s so many steps and you halfway up you can just sit down on a ballet and just chillax, drink some water and continue going back up. but yeah nungnung oh my god I like that waterfall is so epic.

3. Banyu Wana Amerta

next what the farmer talk about is called Banyu Wana Amerta. that’s waterfall is not one waterfall I think it was like four different waterfalls.

Banyu Wana Amerta Waterfall
Banyu Wana Amerta Waterfall

there’s so many different spots that make it look really cool, so if you go there for just instagramming I think this waterfall is perfect because there’s so many different waterfalls and you can take so many cool pictures that’s one thing.

and second thing there’s like many different waterfalls in the same area close together there’s this one another one and another one. so you can just go between them jump between them and they’re pretty cheap.

I think we paid 15.000 IDR (1 USD) to go down for four waterfalls, something like that maybe a little bit more and it’s good for kids because there was a bit hiking but not that much.

so I think it’s fun for you even for kids sekumpul and nungnung is 10 out of 10 of hardness, this one would be maybe 5 or 6 out of 10 so not that hard.

but still a little bit harder and also what was good about this waterfall it’s a little bit less known, so when you come here there will be some people but much much less people than like other waterfalls.

so it’s really good especially if you come here in the morning you’re gonna be hella long probably but I don’t guarantee anything.

4. Tegenungan Waterfall

next I’m going to talk about the waterfall called Tegenungan waterfall.

not far from the city and it’s really close to Ubud, so I think this is Tegenungan is one of the closest what a go to. which is still really impressive and it’s cheap it’s cost 15.000 IDR to go down.

Tegenungan Waterfall
Tegenungan Waterfall

that’s why there’s tons of tourists, if you wanna see overpopulated waterfowl this is it. this is this waterfall will be overpopulated because it’s so close, it’s so cheap and it’s really good for kids.

the hike would be like three out of ten so you can go down you can go there with kids. also when you come to this waterfall drivers will get free Wi-Fi and free coffee.

so they like coming there as well, I would advise you go there in the morning because most people don’t pick up really really early.

so if you deaf kind of type that have kids and wanna go over the kids this is tegenungan place for you.

5. Sumampan Waterfall

Nungnung if you want to really epic waterfall, if you want to see something big and famous and impressive then go to sekumpul and if you’re Instagrammer I would advise you to go to banyu wana amerta.

Sumampan Waterfall
Sumampan Waterfall

but if you’re the kind of type that doesn’t like touristy places that, type of person who likes adventure you want to be alone then there actually is a lot of all really close to ubud that’s called Sumampan.

this waterfall is actually man-made there used to be a quarry where people work there to collect stones, now I still think they work there but a little bit further away I’m not sure.

people used to hone their skills there you can see stone carvings that look kind of silly and funny everything there is man-made.

it’s like a quarry but the water is impressive and you can expect there to be alone.

when we were there last time there was like nobody there that’s like one couple before us that left then there was we and when we left there was another couple so there was like no tourists.

so we were there almost alone and this waterfall is also free nobody comes there because this waterfall is a little bit dangerous they work there they hike down there are stairs but they’re so close to the edge it’s really easy to like slip up and break your neck.

so when you go there be really careful and also be careful when you’re crossing the stream. because when we were there the three must a little bit not deadly but it was a little bit high and so you can easily float away.

so yeah that was the five cool waterfalls in Bali that you can visit right away and if you want to know more tourist attractions in Bali, you can visit