Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

The arrival of spring heralds the bursting forth of budding leaves, warm breezes, the earthy smell of grass cuttings, and, oh, yes, spring cleaning. Tips to help get the home shipshape and ready for summer entertaining can make the process go much more quickly and smoothly.

Many people eagerly await the day that spring finally arrives, not on the calendar but the thermostat. The first warm spring day that emerges prompts people to throw open the doors and windows to air out the homes to which they have been confined through the long winter months.

The bright, sunny atmosphere fills the home, revealing the layers of dust, cobwebs, and general film of winter dirt that has built up over the dark, dreary winter season. Aghast at what they see, most homeowners resolve instantly to begin a cleanup regimen to get their house back in order.

Spring Cleaning is started by our ancestors!

The tradition of spring cleaning goes back many centuries; back when homes were heated strictly by burning wood and coal, and illuminated using oil lamps. These basic methods were effective in their purpose, but also caused a buildup of creosote, smoke, and oily residue on walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture.

Frigid temperatures prevented the hanging of washed clothes outdoors, so any washing done was hung indoors where the smoke and debris from the fuel sources embedded themselves into the fibers. Springtime brought fresh, new opportunities; however, the doors were flung open, and just about everything was removed from the home to clean them thoroughly and allow the fresh spring air to cleanse and purify them.

Today’s homeowners don’t face such hardships, but we still look forward to clearing out the winter’s dust and bring in the springtime cheer. Looking around the home at everything that needs to be done can be quite overwhelming, so taking to mind, a few spring cleaning tips can help get the job organized and completed in no time.

Tip #1.

Check your calendar and choose a day for cleaning. Mark that date on the calendar and do not waver.

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips
Spring Cleaning

Tip #2.

Assemble everything that may be needed before beginning. In the middle of the arduous cleaning process, when you learn that you’ve run out of wood cleaner, chances are you will postpone that project until you have the time to make a trip to the store.

Often, this task gets pushed to the back burner and may never get done. Make a list of everything you may need, such as all-purpose cleaners, wood cleaners, window cleaners, cleaning cloths, sponges and vacuum cleaner bags, and then check the status of supplies that you have on hand. You will now be ready for a trip to the department store to pick up any supplies that you lack.

Tip #3.

Clean every room, finishing one entirely before moving on to the next. Some people are roaming cleaners, performing a few tasks in each room without ever getting one room fully finished. Instead, choose a room and set yourself up in it; take all cleaning supplies, a large trashcan, a few large boxes marked “store,” “donate,” and “other rooms.”

Tip #4.

It is always easiest to start at the top and work down. This applies to a multi-level house as well as cleaning walls and windows.

Tip #5.

One of the most crucial spring cleaning tips is to make the job enjoyable. The more fun it is, the more likely you are to finish the job. Buy fresh cut flowers to place in each completed room and play upbeat and fun music.

We all look forward to the freshness and the promise of renewal that spring brings. Cleaning the home to embrace that fresh feeling and prepare it for the entertaining summer season is one way to celebrate the season.

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