Housekeeping and other tips for living room

Place a damp cloth on the print and iron a few times on medium temperature. The flattened hairs of the carpet come up that way again, and print in the carpet is not to be found.

Issued colors Wash the fabric as soon as possible with an ordinary washing powder with bleach or decolorizing.

Anti-static Tapestry

Create a carpet that any lint and hair to himself draws antistatic with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener to 5 parts water. Fill a plant spray and spray lightly over the carpet. Do not use a highly colored fabric softener that gives stains.

Ashtrays, if you use the ashtrays after washing and drying, injection with furniture spray or deodorant, the shaft slides right out.

Sofa and chairs

Leather sofas or chairs can often be well cleaned with a solution of green soap, then rub with a little oil. Fabric sofas and chairs can usually be cleaned with a mild shampoo. Well pat dry or dry it with the hairdryer. Stains on your (substances) sofa are often easily removed with carbonated water.

A velvet couch, especially handrails are usually clean with shampoo and lukewarm water again. Suede leather with a metal or rubber brush or an old nail brush. For stains, you can pass a few drops add white household vinegar to remove the stains.

Housekeeping and other tips for living room

Wallpaper cleaning

Stripes on wallpaper can often remove with an eraser. Also, with white bread, you can rub stains from wallpaper. Washable wallpaper can be carefully cleaned with water and a little detergent. When washable wallpaper treats, a clean spot is right on, you can best the whole surface with a damp sponge.

For grease stains on the wallpaper, you make a paste of tetra and chalk. Lubricate the place with this, and let it dry. The next day you gently brush off. Grease stains on the wallpaper, you can remove it by first consulting with a kitchen towel. Still adhering to the wallpaper fat, Penetrated deeper fat can be removed by a paper towel with a hot iron to press against the wall.

The iron should not be too hot. Replace the paper towel if it is greasy and, if necessary, repeat several times. Ballpoint pen stains can be removed by moistening with a little water on the wallpaper and then spraying. Some hairspray after a short time, you can see the stain with a dry cloth wipe.

Removing wallpaper to remove wallpaper, use a Stripper. This is to prevent damage. The stucco alternatively, you can make the wallpaper with a wet sponge. Leave it to soak. Then carefully remove the wallpaper with a putty knife. Read our article on Living room decor tips.