TinyUmbrella restores the world of iTunes for you

Generally, the DFU mode is used in your iPhone to link up to the iTunes without hassling up with operating system. But at times, you might have to give several trials to ultimately get into the firmware update process. It might also happen that you are in a fix while using this special restoring mode. Will the power button save you from this firmware hassle? There is software that gets you out of this mess within few seconds of usage. TinyUmbrella / is the solution to these above mentioned problems. It also helps to save those SHSH Blobs required while operating the Windows or Mac software.


Are you aware of what exactly is TinyUmbrella?

This software is said to be the blend of two important tools which is necessary while working in recovering mode. The first is named: umbrella. This mechanism is used to protect those SHSH files existing in your iDevice that enables you to restore the very useful firmware that works without the jail break to occur. The second one is said to be Tiny TSS that seems to be the local server to play those saved SHSH files while restoration of iTunes are taking place. The only fact that is missed out was the java installer required to download the Tiny Umbrella software.

What are the scintillating features of TinyUmbrella?

• To restore to older versions of iDevice • Making of SHSH requests for restoring firmware • Accepts other requests for enable the iTunes to be playing • Saves SHSH Blobs for both Mac and Windows • Save is done in local storage • Ultimately helps you to exit the DFU mode. Such characteristics make it compulsory for your usage when a virulent bug enters your iPhone and totally disrupts the operating system. But before you can experience the features of this soft tool, you need to Download TinyUmbrella in your iPhone. Make sure that the administrative features of your PC as the host files need to be changed such that you can listen on port 80 on local server.

What are the advantages of this Tiny Umbrella?

You check this link for a detail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNhuuBNJOus To protect the base band belonging to all types of versions Saves the SHSH files for signing the current versions of Apple soft tools Precautions needed to be taken while downloading TinyUmbrella: • If some of the SHSH is returned then there is no way to can send them back • Web sharing is disabled for the Mac users • IIS is disabled for those Window users • The Skype connection must be disabled only to enable the further processing • The latest java runtime required to be installed • Your device must be able to detect the iTunes • Excess custom devices needed to be added Below given are two separate links for downloading TinyUmbrella specially build for Windows and Mac.