The Sports That Make the Best Computer Games

When I tell my mum that I enjoy playing table tennis on the Wii, she always gives me a critical and perplexed look. You see, she finds it difficult to understand why I would want to play a game on the Wii when I could just go outside and play – in her mind there’s no point in enjoying a virtual version of something ‘real’, because that real thing is already available to me.


The Point On Game Console

The point is though that sports on game consoles actually make a lot of sense. They give us the structure of rules and settings that we already understand and then they alter the gameplay in a way that makes us much easier to become ‘experts’ and feel the satisfaction of taking on the world. You get to enjoy the experience of playing in great stadiums against famous celebrities, and you get the convenience of being able to do it all in your house without going outside in the cold or paying lots of money. And with the Wii, the experience is even better, because you get to play those games physically, which means that you can get an actual workout too. Here we’ll look at the sports that best lend themselves to being played on the computer.


Golf is one of the very best games to make the transition to game consoles for a number of reasons. For one, it is a game that focuses on precision which makes it an immediately addictive one to play as you continually try to improve on your last shot. At the same time though it is also set at lots of different amazing locations around the world, which means it never gets dull and is always good to look at (hard work for the programmers though perhaps). With a game like tennis or football, you do get all of the fun of playing a precision sport and managing teams etc., but the location will almost always look essentially the same. Golf gets out of this rut, while at the same time is simple and addictive, perfect for whiling away the hours.

Motorsports/Extreme Sports

People who play game consoles often want the action and adrenaline that are not necessarily present in their real lives. Of course sports, whether snowboarding or motocross, will lend the players perfectly to this kind of action. Again you also get the benefit of lots of great locations, and a sport that is easy to understand and view on a single monitor.


Another sport that is perfect in terms of action is boxing, and while it doesn’t have the same range of venues and views, you can still enjoy boxing around the world and against a range of opponents. While not everyone follows boxing in a big way, some of the characters have become household names. How else would you get the opportunity to go up against Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson or even Rocky Balboa?