The SmoothFlow

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Rowing Machine R80APM by Performance Fitness Systems is just what you need to strengthen all your major muscle groups, priced right with free shipping. We have these rowing machines in stock and priced right. The R80APM Rowing Machine offers the benefits of outdoor rowing with this inexpensive and convenient machine. With 8 levels of resistance, this rowing machine is ideal for all ages, sex or levels of fitness. Rowing is a great calorie burner. This rowing machine is also very time efficient. You can get a complete workout in just a few minutes. Rowing is a wonderful stress reliever. The smooth, steady rhythm will exercise your body and relax your mind. This is just what you need to get back into your favorite pair of blue jeans, that new bikini, or to lose those last few post-pregnancy pounds. Order now and we can get your R80APM Rowing Machine on its way to you today.

The large, easy-to-read computer monitor keeps track of the numbers so that you don’t have to. The SmoothFlow R80 computer records every aspect of your workout, tracking speed, total strokes, lapsed time, strokes per minute, distance, calories burned, heart rate and time of day. Use the data to evaluate your workout, compare to past workouts, or map out goals for future workouts. Having eight levels of resistance is unique to the rowing world. Most rowers use air or water to provide a single degree of resistance. The SmoothFlow R80, however, combines air and magnetism in a patented resistance system that gives the power to the user. The workout can be as easy or as difficult as desired. The contoured seat is an important factor. While the contouring provides comfort, it also provides a safer, stronger foundation on which your exercise is built. The contoured seat sets the user’s posture and protects the back from injury. The durable aluminum beam is the base for the rowing action. The angle is adjustable and the contoured seat sits on its track. The premium quality ball bearing rollers provide a smooth and quiet rowing action. You can count on the frame, seat and rollers to workout as intensely, and as quietly, and you want. The ergonomic handles are designed to fit the user’s hands comfortably. Each side of the handle is covered with an independent super-comfy padding that protects the hands from calousing or soreness. Secure footing is essential in focusing on the proper muscle groups and avoiding injury. The SmoothFlow R80 footpads safely and comfortably secure the user’s feet. The durable footpad base can take any punishment the user wants to dish out, while the strap holds the foot firmly in place.