The importance of intimacy and why it’s not always synonymous with sex

Very often sex and intimacy are related; however, sex and intimacy aren’t always necessarily synonymous. There are many different types of intimacy, while there can be sexual intimacy, there is also emotional and spiritual intimacy. The word intimacy is very often used where it has no meaning, for example, the majority of people are misled into thinking that just because they are enjoying a sexual relationship then they are also having an intimate relationship, while this is far from true.

The people who are in fact experiencing an intimate relationship will be doing so without even probably giving it any thought as to the type of relationship they are having. Intimacy is without a doubt a great factor to have in any relationship but those who don’t experience intimacy have no clue as to what it actually means, the feelings and what it does to the relationship.

The pinnacle of intimacy in a relationship is often viewed as sexual intimacy

if the couple have this then they will often (with some exceptions) experience a much deeper, stronger and meaningful relationship in their everyday life, which then, in turn, moves right into the bedroom, those who don’t experience this on a daily basis without having to put any effort into it clearly don’t have this type of relationship.

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The ideal intimate relationship should be a mix of emotional

spiritual and physical intimacy but the fact is that this type of relationship is very few and far between. Another factor which should be taken into account is the many differences between men and women, an intimate relationship is very often far more desirable to the women than the man, with the majority of men firmly just setting their sights on the actual act of sex and the pleasure it brings rather than the intimacy of a sexual relationship. For the majority of time it is the woman who needs some kind of intimacy before the sexual side can develop, while for the man it is the sexual side which is very often established first and then develops the closeness, and intimacy that the women desires from him.

Many people are often confused at what actual intimacy is, true intimacy in a relationship includes feelings such as sensing that you share a unique and special bond with the person, having a deep sense that you and he belong together or are indeed soul mates. If you share an intimate relationship then you will have tenderness, caring and lots of affection not only in the bedroom but also in your everyday life, you will have no fear of telling and sharing your innermost thoughts, feelings and secrets with the other. There will also be the awareness of the other person’s needs, not only when it comes to the sexual side of the relationship but also everyday, there will also be a deep mutual respect for the other.

Of course while these are some of the feelings that those who share an intimate sexual and none sexual relationship feel, there are also many others. As mentioned before if you have intimacy in your relationship then you probably aren’t even aware of it.