The Importance of Furnace Duct Cleaning

Air or furnace duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of all components and elements of the heating or cooling systems seen in most homes. With growing awareness of the idea of air quality and the need to keep indoor air pollutant-free, more and more homeowners are paying attention to improving the quality of the recycled air in the house.

Fresh air is important

The structure of houses, which have been built to reduce the impact of outside weather patterns, means that most homes are sealed off from an everyday supply of fresh air. The air that we breathe daily is the one that is forced through the heating or cooling system, and so it is a matter of common sense that the ducts through which this air comes should be kept as clean as possible.

While it is evident that it is essential to do some furnace duct cleaning periodically, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does offer some reassuring information. The EPA website states that there is no research showing tremendous health hazards from pollutants inside the home, and there is no cause to panic about the contaminants floating around inside the furnace ducts.

Mold or Vermin infestation

A homeowner has to watch out for mold or vermin infestation inside the duct, but in general, routine maintenance is seen as critical. So, without panicking about the particles floating around in the air, homeowners should take an educated approach to handle the idea of air quality.

The EPA suggests that homeowners can take a sensible and cautious approach to the matter. They need to consult with a professional to gauge the condition of the air ducts, and it may be advisable to get a professional to do the cleaning if it is being done after a long gap. However, between professional cleanups, homeowners with a good vacuum may be able to keep up the furnace ducts in reasonably decent condition for months at a time.

The Importance of Furnace Duct Cleaning
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The emphasis is one keeping an eye on things, and so one idea is to set up a schedule of furnace duct cleaning – probably before turning on the air-conditioning in summer and before switching on the heater in late fall. By opening the grille plates and exposing the interior to examination, you can catch any signs of mold or vermin, and this will allow you to be pro-active in dealing with the issue.

This necessary do-it-yourself cleaning will need a couple of rolls of paper towels or old cloth towels, a good vacuum with additional tube attachment, a couple of gloves and a face mask for those allergic to fine dust. Put away small things that are around air duct opening so that nothing falls into these when open. Use a screwdriver and open all the plates.

Use the paper towels or rag to clean the immediate surfaces and then use the vacuum to reach a little deeper into the duct. While a professional cleaner has the equipment for thorough and deep furnace duct cleaning, this shallower cleaning will work to keep the system going for a while also.

Improve the indoor air quality

Remember to close all opening after the cleaning and make sure to use the opportunity for generally observing the condition of the equipment. By maintaining a scheduled cleaning pattern, you may be able to avoid heavy repair down the road and also have the benefit of knowing that these efforts improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe.

If you decide to go with a professional cleaner, make a list of your concerns and make sure those are all addressed. Think twice about the use of biocides inside the duct, and do not hesitate to voice your questions to the professionals.

Furnace duct cleaning can be beneficial in maintaining the highest efficiency standards for your heating and cooling system. So every responsible homeowner should take the time and effort to keep these appliances in top repair. When you do this, you can breathe easy in more ways than one!

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