The Future of Film Entertainment

It is now certain that ‘3d’ filming has become a very popular medium for filmmakers and their audiences. By now, I am 100% certain that nearly every one of the general public has seen a movie which claims to have been shot in ‘3d’, and for me, this is rather irritating. ‘3d’ is in itself, a simple little gimmick.

It works well enough to keep the general public amused for the length of a feature film, and nobody minds if you have to wear those stupid glasses. However, there is a point when you have to stop beating a dead horse and move onto a live one. The idea of ‘3d’ filming has been around since the 1950s, it isn’t all that new. I mean, Jaws 3 was filmed in ‘3d,’ and that wasn’t even a good film.

3d not so good for actors

You may have noticed that I am using an apostrophe when I say the word ‘3d’, this is because the system that is in the cinemas now, is an illusion of images stacked on top of one another, this creates an illusion of depth perception as if you were looking at it with your own eyes. The environments look good, such as the ones in Avatar, but the actual people and actors in a ‘3d’ environment look two dimensional and out of place.

As you may have guessed, I don’t think that this so-called ‘3d’ is the way forward, granted it’s a stepping stone, but not a very good one. I think we can all safely say that ‘3d’ has definitely been a worthwhile experiment but now it’s time to move on. There are other technologies which can be developed, so why do we insist on making more and more movies in ‘3d’?

There is a fairly large rift between filmmakers who utilize ‘3d’ technology and those who don’t. There are some genres that simply don’t work when filmed differently; Thriller films for example, when the main aspect of the film isn’t so much about the visual style, but about what is actually happening on the screen, the drama and the narrative.

In contrast, some films simply wouldn’t be what they could be in ‘3d’, such as Avatar. This is the best example of a film that actually requires the extra technology in order to be the best it can be, as opposed to some films which just use the extra dimension to rake in a few more pounds on opening weekend (Clash of the Titans), the huge jungle world of Pandora, with its dizzying heights and thick, claustrophobic jungles are truly beautiful to look at.

The Future of Film Entertainment
3d Movie

Some films work in ‘3d’ and some don’t. It is up to the filmmakers to decide if it is appropriate or not. After some years, I would hope to see the general public grow sick of ‘3d’ technology as I have. Therefore producers and editors must conspire to create a new way of attracting the gimmick hunting magpies that most film viewers are.

There are several ways that they could do this, with the constant advancement of technology it shouldn’t be too long before we get our hands on some brand new stuff. Here are my main ideas for how the films could be shown in the cinema or at home:

1. Creating programs that our minds can plug into

This idea is similar to the film ‘Surrogates’ and is easier said than done. Producers could create huge, expansive 3d worlds for the view to explore, much life ‘World of Warcraft’ or ‘Second Life’. Although this has drawbacks, as centring the narrative around the viewer is the only real way for the action to make sense, however this would be extremely effective for a gaming platform. This can truly give you a ‘first person experience’, however for films this will prove incredibly difficult.

2. Creating 3d holograms

For any of those who have ever seen Star Trek, this would be a really good way of watching films, by creating a hologram of the characters and the environment in a room, this can make the viewing experience incredibly immersive, although this can create the problem of space inside the environment with the holograms, because of the space created the room must be specifically designed for this function.

3. Improving the illusion 3D

This would make the most sense out of the options that we have, by improving the illusion of 3D we will eventually get to a point when it gets to be something special, because it certainly isn’t that right now. You get the idea.

We have a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to improving the viewing experience for all. In the future there should be plenty of room for change in the world of Film Media.

I look forward to seeing what the people come up with…

I’m afraid that we will just have to be a part of the experimentation process when it comes to creating new ways of watching films. I’m sorry about that but it’s true. There is no way that the way that we see films is going to improve. So let’s stop complaining, sit down, shut up and just bear the gimmick until it gets better.