The Electric Lawn Mower

For many homeowners, electric lawn mowers provide the ultimate solution to lawn care. Not only do electric lawn mowers offer the ease and conveniences of gas-powered mowers, but they also run with minimal noise, emit no air pollution, and require little maintenance. In fact, the only downside of electric lawn mowers may be the challenge of shopping for them: potential buyers will find that they come in a very wide variety of styles and prices. As with any lawn mower purchase, homeowners will want to consider their budgets, the yards or land they will be mowing and their desire to spend time and energy on lawn care.

Clean, Green and Powerful

Environmentally conscious homeowners may initially find themselves drawn to reel mowers, but not everyone has the time or patience for completely human-powered machines. Electric lawnmower offers an attractive alternative, as tree-hugging homeowners can count on the clean, even cuts of engine-driven blades without the nasty emissions or noise pollution. Of course, buyers can’t claim that their electric mowers are completely clean since they require electricity that likely comes from burning some form of fossil fuel, but when compared to smog-belching gas-powered noisemakers, the comparisons aren’t even close.

Electric Lawn Mower
Electric Lawn Mower

Choices, Choices

When shopping for electric lawn mowers, homeowners will find a dizzying array of options available to them. Electric mowers can come with plug-in cords or rechargeable batteries, horizontal blades or reel systems, and a few even have solar panels. Corded electric lawn mowers usually cost the least, starting at around $150. Rechargeable machines cost more, but have definite appeal for klutzy mowers who may run over their cords. Solar-powered mowers are definitely luxury items at this point, running at around $750. Shoppers must consider their own ability to be prepared when choosing the power system, as rechargeable mowers generally require an overnight plug-in before the can operate at full power.

Electric lawnmowers can come with all of the other options that are found on gas-powered push mowers, such as baggers and mulchers. Additionally, buyers will want to look at the starter systems on electric lawn mowers: higher-end models generally have simple switches for starting the engine. As with any lawn mower, shoppers who are willing to pay for them can find other convenience features such as one-touch raising and lower blade height, and more expensive electric mowers do come in self-propelled varieties. Homeowners may find self-propulsion a true luxury, though, as electric lawnmowers generally weigh less than their gas-powered brethren.

Yard Size Matters

Homeowners with small or medium-sized yards will find electric lawnmowers most appealing, as electrically-powered engines do have their limitations. Obviously, the length of the cord limits the range of mowers that must be plugged in. Rechargeable models, on the other hand, are limited by the length of the charge: most battery-powered mowers run for 30-40 minutes on a full charge, and then require another overnight plug-in. While some of these models do offer the option of additional battery packs, homeowners with large yards should think carefully before buying electric lawn mowers.