The Best Communication Tools For Remote Work In 2020

When companies are based on remote work, there is an increasing need to search for appropriate tools to enable the best way to communicate with the work team. These tools can be considered as workspaces similar to traditional offices.

Also, designing the company’s structure determines the people who are eligible to participate in the workshop discussions, and it determines the people who have access to all the information within the company’s scope, and therefore this affects the employees ’ability to focus on the performance of their tasks, thus determining the culture of the work team.

It is preferable to work on building digital office space for the remote working team in an equal manner as in the traditional office workspaces on the ground.

You can benefit from some tips that help build digital office space for large working groups that include many countries in different time periods, and you can learn the best way to choose the appropriate tools to build an effective communication system and to form a productive and transparent culture for the work team.

Communication in traditional and digital companies

Knowing the differences between the communication mechanism between the employees of traditional and digital companies helps to understand the mechanisms of work remotely, because traditional labour offices depend mainly on the presence of employees in the same place in the same time period, including holding scheduled or emergency meetings, in addition to that the employees communicate in Traditional work desks need an immediate reaction to run the business.

As for the essence of communication in digital companies like Mississauga SEO Company or for remote workers is the possibility of a different time and spatial presence. You may send an email and get a response later. Mostly, the response is expected within 24 hours of communication.

This concept is very simple, but it has a great impact on everything related to the field of remote work, so employees can stay in touch regardless of the difference in time zones while maintaining high rates of productivity, and some benefits can be drawn from the experiences of remote workers:

  • The employee does not have to stop his work continuously due to the messages that need an immediate response.
  • The ability to stay offline with the Internet for hours to focus on getting the work done and delivering it on time.
  • The ability to set a flexible work schedule that suits specific circumstances, regardless of the working hours of the rest of the team.
  • The ability to conduct conversations regardless of time difference or schedule.
  • Have the time to think about the best responses to business messages.
  • Keep written records of the talks related to all the information and decisions that have been agreed upon, and the possibility of referring to them later.

Group chats and private messages

Group conversations are not effective enough. Much important information may be lost in the chaos of group conversations. In addition, this communication mechanism can exclude employees from different time zones from important discussions because it becomes difficult to find.

So there are many applications as an alternative and more effective option for project management and maintaining the hierarchy of communication within digital institutions, the well-known application Slack can be used for project management and communication between team members.

Another application that can be considered more effective for organizing work is the Twist app. It has been designed to implement projects in a more structured way, whether in organizing the conversation sequence between team members or direct messages.

The sequence of conversations

This tool allows us to organize the conversations sequentially according to the topic within the public channels. For example, if you want to get the opinion of the staff about a new post before posting, you can create a new conversation within the channel assigned to the blog, and invite the concerned members to comment on the post.

This mechanism allows to keep the talks permanently organized with the ability to search for the most important information during it, and it is also an ideal mechanism for long-term use, and enables depth in the talks, and is especially useful for team members who are in different time zones, the sequence of conversations can be used to follow many of The main areas that help to get the job done efficiently, and among these areas:

  • Update on publications
  • Error reports
  • Project proposals
  • Initial drafts and working models
  • Project coordination and planning
  • solving problems
  • Decision making
  • Weekly summaries
  • Inspirational thoughts
  • Advertising and logistics


While serial conversations are the basis for the work of the Twist app, private or group messages provide an integrated model for communicating with team members in a friendly, interactive way.

Serial conversations and messages in the Twist app are considered asynchronous because it does not require an immediate response to these messages, the purpose of which is to organize the information and make access to it easily.

Context of the content

The second level in the hierarchy of communication for digital companies is to work on the content within its specific context, for example, using the Todoist application to create a task list and following up its completion with the work team, or using Google documents to share content texts, using the Paper application to describe products, and the Marvel application to share design forms And many different applications.

You can use some applications as follows:

Todoist app

This application helps to organize the participation of projects, and specify tasks and deadlines for delivery, and in this context, the Twist application can be used for this purpose also by adding a special serial conversation under the name of the task list to convert the conversations into results.

By returning to Todoist you can use the task comments box to upload work-related files, exchange information, or inquire about specific topics.

Google Docs

Google Docs is mostly used to share all work-related matters, whether, in blogs, e-mails, and landing pages, this helps to add any required suggestions or modifications to the content directly within the documents.

Marvel application

The design team can use the Marvel application to display the prototypes of the designs so that the team can make any comments or modifications directly within the comments section within the application.

Paper app

This app is used via the Dropbox cloud service to create a detailed description of products or projects, and this app works in conjunction with the Marvel app to interact and comment on the mock-up of product models and direct them directly to the Paper app.

The content in this application can also be shared within serial conversations via the Twist app with identification of all members of the team involved in the topic, the content derived from the Paper application is used to make notes or ask questions, while the most important information is preserved within the serial conversations in the twist.

Github and Azure

Web developers can take advantage of these two applications to manage site-specific software, manage discussions about specific software with the team, and tools in the applications can be used to plan and track business development.

Zeplin application

Zeplin application helps to be the link between designers and web developers, designers create a new project within the application to share all designs so that web developers can see all the details in addition to the ability to view them on the initial copies of designs, and web developers are notified of any updates that are being worked on In designs.

The third level: video chats

This level represents the synchronous form of communication within the digital companies, and it is known about the business meetings in the traditional companies that it takes a lot of time to prepare them, therefore spending more time and effort, the same may apply to video meetings of the remote working group, so it is better to establish These meetings are just to add business value that cannot be accomplished by communicating in Twist app conversations

Meeting standards vary in general, but can be summarized as follows:

Monthly meetings for two people

The direct supervisor of the work team holds meetings with each person of the team separately. These meetings allow us to discuss the work in detail and the possibility of giving mutual notes that help boost worker productivity.

Team meeting

There are meetings at the level of team members to develop a workflow plan and prioritize some tasks. These meetings can be held on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, depending on the need and according to the competence of each team, whether it is the design, marketing, or web interface developer team.

Project launch meeting

This is determined by the cycle of each project. For example, if the cycle of each project is for one month, a meeting is held to determine the start of the project, clarify the progress of the work for the team members, including objectives and responsibilities, the project progress schedule, and discuss the problems that can be faced and how dealing with it.

Emergency meetings

There is always the possibility that an urgent issue may arise that needs to be discussed in particular, and therefore a meeting is held by the project manager with the people concerned, and the meeting has a clear and predetermined goal, and the meeting only includes the people involved in decision-making.

Some of the tools that you can use to hold remote working group meetings:

  • provides a quick way to organize small meetings, and the Twist app can be linked with this site and announce within the application about the time and link of the meeting.
  • Google Meet: The site can be used to hold mid-size meetings or pre-defined meetings via Google Calendar, so that a link is added automatically to attend the meeting, and the popular Skype program can also be used.
  • Zoom: The site is used to join more than 10 people from the team, and the site is considered credible in providing high-quality video meetings, and communication quality may be the main factor in the success of the meeting.

The article was translated during the invasion of the Coruna epidemic, and the application of quarantine policies to nearly one billion people around the world. The number of users of the application during this period reached 200 million users per day due to following the new policies imposed on people working from their homes.

Fourth level: personal meetings

Remote work depends mainly on written communications, but the links between team members cannot be strengthened without meeting in person, so some companies work to hold regular meetings to reunite the work team in one place.

These trips include three types:

  • Company-wide trips: The aim of these meetings is to provide a variety of experiences for the work team, which may include holding presentations or workshops during the morning period, and going on evening recreational trips.
  • Team-level trips: These trips can also be divided into small groups to meet, discuss specific topics or projects, and work to develop teamwork priorities.
  • Trips for new employees: Personal communication is very important to feel a sense of belonging to the work team, and it may be an important idea to engage new employees on a trip that enables them to work directly with the supervisor to strengthen relations between the team members.
  • Conferences: Some companies work to send their employees to conferences held at the local or regional level, these occasions help to keep abreast of the latest technological developments that may help in developing the company’s work.

Fifth level: the emergency plan

Asynchronous communication constitutes a large percentage of the communication mechanism, but the team may encounter a defect that may lead to service disruption or loss of information, and therefore the team needs to act quickly and resort to alternative options, it can work to save all data related to work in an encrypted way through cloud sites that provide This service, like Telegram, is when any important information is lost or one of the main tools of team communication is disrupted, it is easy to retrieve all the information from the Telegram website.


E-mail is usually used for external communications, and external contacts can be used and collaborated with them to work within the company as an intermediary between the company and other clients.

In general, email cannot be completely dispensed to communicate, but if the team relies on it, it will lose many opportunities to share and organize the knowledge they possess and benefit from it in the best possible way.

In remote working teams, effective communication is considered the most important factor for dealing with all problems, and if a team made up of a few individuals cannot solve the problems the company faces, increasing the number of employees will not solve the problem, as long as there is no organized mechanism to work.

Communication problems will always arise between team members, but it is possible to develop a system that:

  • Connect everyone on the team with the people and information they need to perform their tasks.
  • Work with all people regardless of different time zones.
  • Take care to remove any fears of losing any important information, by making backup plans.
  • Allowing everyone to remain offline to focus on the business to deliver the desired results to clients.