The 7 Best Nutrients for Weed Plants

In recent years, growing marijuana has become big business due mainly to current legislation in several states in the US, which has decriminalized the growing of marijuana. Marijuana is grown for medical and recreational use, and most persons grow marijuana at home, hydroponically.

One of the most important decisions you will make in your grow operation is the choice of nutrients for the grow. The right nutrients mixed in the right proportion goes a long way in affecting the quality of your bud, both in taste and effectiveness. Using the best sources of nutrients is the only way to ensure perfect growth. Below are the top nutrients for growing marijuana.

Fox Farm’s Liquid Nutrient Trio

Fox Farm’s nutrients for weed plants are great for growing large, think, and green plants. The marijuana buds will be denser as time goes on, and you can even use the nutrient during the latter part of the plants’ growth, unlike other products. Generally, the perception of FoxFarm products is positive, and users have reported great results. Also, it’s much cheaper than most other nutrient makers supply.

The Fox Farm product is second only to advanced nutrients amongst its many users. It is a three solution product that can be used with each growth phase.

The 7 Best Nutrients for Weed Plants

Advanced Nutrients’ Liquid Nutrient Trio

Advanced Nutrients’ Bloom, Micro & Grow liquid nutrients are designed specifically for high value. These nutrients serve as a foundation to grow your marijuana plants. The formula is designed to make it easy to raise your marijuana plant without having to worry about balancing pH or over or underfeeding your plant.

To get the right amount of nutrients, check the leaf on the nutrient pack to get the right amount of nutrients to use. The nutrient also boasts a wide variety of fulvic acids, amino acids, and non-ionic surfactants, all of which work together to help your plant absorb nutrients effectively. Depending on the size of the product, its price falls between $37.37 to $239.16, which makes it a bit expensive.

General Hydroponics’ Liquid Nutrient Trio

This nutrient from General Hydroponics is a classic in the world of hydroponic gardening, and its original three-part system allows you to customize your grow operation. The FloraMicro acts as the vegetative nutrient while Bloom and Gro come in during the vegetative and flowering stages, respectively. The levels of all three nutrients should be adjusted to the needs of your plant, and you can easily do this using feeding charts on the general hydroponic website. This nutrient is easy to use, and its super-concentrated, meaning they last for a long while. On the downside, the nutrient comes with artificial coloring, and it’s not organic in the constituent.

General Hydroponics’ Dry Nutrients

The Maxigrow and Maxibloom come in the less expensive powdered form and are easier to use. The Maxigrow helps encourage the growth of seedlings and clones, as well as through the vegetative state. Maxibloom is used to promote the growth of big, healthy buds during the flowering stages. Powdered nutrients are more comfortable to store and transport and make less of a mess when you mix nutrients. This kind of nutrient is especially useful when you have tremendous growth, making it easy to transport back and forth.

General Hydroponics’ Dry Nutrients

Growth Organics’ Fertilizers

This fertilizer is organic, and although generally bloom fertilizers are formulated for use in soils, several persons have reported great results using them in a hydroponic system. This fertilizer is very smooth and does not have any cloudiness or large organic particles which will clog up your irrigation system. This fertilizer is especially effective in deep water culture systems due to the absence of sprinklers and hoses in these systems. However, you must remember that soil-based fertilizers have slightly different nutrient levels than hydroponic-specific fertilizers, which means you will have to supplement. It’s pretty expensive to purchase and is not formulated exactly for a hydroponic setup.

Botanicare’s Liquid Nutrient Trio

The KIND series by Botanicare is the leading nutrient system for hydroponics, and the three formulas which constitute this nutrient all work together to provide optimal nutrition for your plant throughout its growth. It’s versatile, easy to use, manufactured in batches, and does not contain any artificial dyes or coloring. The nutrient runs clean and doesn’t contribute to the buildup of salt in your hydro system. The NPK ratios of the base, bloom, and grow formulas allows you to get the best combination from all the trios in the list. This is great for those who grow other plants besides their marijuana.

Humboldts Secret Liquid Nutrient Duo

This nutrient began with the Golden Tree additive, which has all the good things that your marijuana plant needs but is not found in base nutrients. This product gained so much fame that a line of base nutrients was released as well, including this 2-part system. This 2-part system is easier to use than the three-part system, and it can be used for other plants aside marijuana.

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