How to Survive Brain Aneurysm (Real Examples)

A brain aneurysm can change your life in a matter of seconds. Here are a few real-life examples of how people survived Brain Aneurysm.

Shannon Bible

That is what happened to Shannon Bible in the year 1999. She was 27 years old at the time, and her day was off to the same start as any other workday that year. At break time, she was outside with other employees when the day’s events took a drastic turn. It was a simple complaint that her head was hurting, followed by Shannon passing out. She was rushed to the hospital.

How to Survive Brain Aneurysm (Real Examples)

For one week, she stayed at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. During that time, she did not know what happened until the end of that week when she learned that she had suffered a cerebral aneurysm that is generally fatal. Coils are used to treat this condition, as traditional brain surgery is far too risky.

The aneurysm was also multi-lobed, which created even higher risks. The procedure was completed in two days and was a success. Shannon shows no signs of her aneurysm, but she does enjoy little things in life even more. Shannon was lucky, and her story is inspirational because you never know when your life can take a drastic turn.


A brain aneurysm is generally fatal when one occurs. While the numbers are 50-50 that you may survive and go on to live a healthy life, there are success stories that give everyone that has suffered or known someone that has suffered more hope. Mike, age 38, had a brain aneurysm, and his wife wanted to post the story as a success for those that see this condition as nothing but a fatality.

His wife was downstairs while Mike was asleep upstairs. A loud thump startled her, she found her husband lying on the ground with his eyes wide open, and he wouldn’t respond although he was breathing. When the ambulance arrived, Mike was awake, vomiting and complaining about neck and head pain.

A diagnosis of an aneurysm was made, and then Mike slipped into a coma. They drained his brain, left the drain in, and he was rushed to surgery. He had a shunt put in during a second surgery, which was permanent. He stayed in the hospital for over a month with headaches afterward, but that was about it. Eleven years have passed since the aneurysm, and Mike is doing great with minor problems, but nothing serious.


Anna, not her real name, is a 28-year-old patient that suffered from a brain aneurysm. Her symptoms started with killer headaches that no medicine would cure. For Anna, headaches were not new, though. This happened during a tennis game with her fiancé; during the headaches, she suffered from nausea, became dizzy and vomited.

After two days, the headache was gone, so she thought it was from the game and the heat from the weather. Two weeks later, another headache arrived. This time her fiancé called 911. The paramedics on the scene suspected an aneurysm had occurred, and she was taken to the hospital.

Her cat scan revealed a brain hemorrhage, and surgery and draining of the brain would be the answer to fix it. After the surgery, she got out of bed herself and could walk with help. By the last day of her stay, she could walk around all by herself.

She stayed in the hospital for three days and was released, as she seemed to bounce back perfectly. She had made a complete recovery by the time she went back fro her three-month checkup, and today is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. You might be interested in how these people survived Lung Cancer.