Super” setting

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It’s a good fan, and does exactly what I expected it to. It moves a pretty good amount of air at a moderate amount of noise. On the “Super” setting, there’s no way I would call this fan quiet, but the low setting is reasonably quiet. I also like the fan’s adjustable “directional” grill. It allows me to position the air where I want it. It’s not what I’d call “chic” or leading-edge in terms of style, but it’s not ugly either. It has a pleasing … functional look. For the price, it’s a great deal. It’s worth 5 stars from a value perspective. I did have one quality problem. I bought two of these, and on one of the units, one of the fans ran at a noticably slower speed than the other (and consequently moved less air). Amazon did me right with the return, but I dropped one star for the quality problem. In the future, I’d certainly buy another.

Great window fan!

I recently bought another one to replace the same model (over 10 years). It’s quiet, and you can use either exhaust or fresh air (or one of each) with two separate controls. It’s convenient, put it into the window in the morning and take it down at night. You can control when it comes on (of course you’d need to put ON) – when the temps go higher, it’s turned on automatically; when the temps go down, it shuts off. You can adjust the fan vents to go in any direction. A great buy, and Amazon sells it for a little cheaper than most places.

Great fan

I originally owned the Holmes version of the window fan. This one dominates the other version. The temperature/comfort setting actually works. It actually turns itself on when the temperature drops. It’s not *that* sensitive but at least it’s not just another on/off switch like other models. The wind that it pulls in is cool and pretty strong for it’s size. Controls are nothing fancy but practical and sturdy. If you have a big temperature discrepancy between the interior/exterior of your house like I do, this thing acts as good as a air conditioner. Installation was a breeze if you don’t obsess over it. There’s going to be gaps. I mean the fan is just a tunnel and isn’t filtered like the Holmes version which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the low setting is a bit too strong for my taste, I would have preferred a whisper quite speed. It’s a bit noisy and kinda hums, but it’s a white noise, so it isn’t annoying in the least. Overall, a great buy.

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