Super Deck Stain: Gives you the beautiful Sheen and durability to your wood

Deck Stain is used to curb all wood problems. Exterior wood is not very easy to maintain and often due to natural calamities get worn out. The problem regarding wood is that they get stained, mildew and mold is formed. Protection for the wood becomes very important. They are a superior way to protect the wood surfaces from moisture and other weathering effects.

Super Deck Stain used for the protection of exterior wood to get a sheen effect. It uses three-finish oil, which has a combination of linseed and tung oil. This combination offers superior durability and enhances the beauty of the wood. Also, it safely protects the wood from elements that can harm the wood.

It contains high-quality oxide pigments, which helps the wood retain its new look and color and protection against the UV rays. The oil-based formulae penetrate deep into the wood surface to strengthen the wood. Unlike other wood stain super deck stain requires only one coat, this saves a lot of your time.

Places Where Super Deck Stain is used:

Places where you need to enhance the wood you can use this product. Some of these common places are exterior wood surface, siding, fence, and natural wood and log homes, outdoor and pressure-treated furniture. These wood surfaces not only get a good look but also get the right protection.

Super Deck Stain: Gives you the beautiful Sheen and durability to your wood

Types of Super Deck Stains:

Semi-Transparent Stain Carnauba

This super deck stain is superior and has incredible durability. It helps to protect the wood from cracking, splitting and other damages caused by water. Carnauba acts as a shield against the UV rays and holds up under extreme conditions.

Carnauba is got from a palm tree grown in South America. The wax got from these tree leaves is called carnauba. It gives a superior shine and protects the beauty of the wood.

Exterior Transparent Stain:

This is mainly used for pressure-treated wood. Wood surfaces that undergo extreme rough conditions have to use a super deck exterior transparent stain. They offer 7natural wood tones that give a lustrous look and highlight the wood pattern and texture. This converts the pressure treated wood that becomes green into a naturally beautiful wood tone.

Super Deck Solid Color Deck Stain

This is a professional wood finish. It gives superior protection and a beautiful color exterior wood decks, siding, and fences. It has 100% acrylic latex resin system formulae, which makes it high in quality.

It has fade-resistant pigments that retain the beauty and make the wood long-lasting and durable. It contains a high effective mildewcide, which does not allow the mildew formation. Read this awesome article on gluing and clamping woodwork tips.