Studies have shown that wrinkling of the skin is caused primarily by low levels of Vitamin E.

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Tennis elbow is a very common arm injury and it is a condition wherein an individual feels severe pain along the elbow joint. Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term for this painful affliction. This condition is generally due to the overuse and/or abuse of the elbow. Such causes micro tears in the tendon of the lateral epicondyle or the bony region along the outer elbow. Tennis elbow indeed affects a huge number of tennis aficionados; however, the fact of the matter is that, anyone can get affected by it. The following are a few indications that you may have lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow.

– Inflammation or swelling of the elbow and in some cases, the rest of the forearm

Increased pain each time you move your wrist or actions which extends the fingers like for example unscrewing the lid of a jar or clenching your fist

Tenderness and stiffening of the elbow joint

The Common Causes of Tennis Elbow

– One of the prime causes of this type of injury is the prolonged and repeated use of the forearm.

– This condition can also take place as the result of recurrent movement of the forearm, in a way which

causes excessive strain to the wrist and elbow; thus, eliciting elbow pain. This often occurs whenever you are playing certain tennis strokes, whereby pressure is caused as the result of the force you use in hitting the tennis ball. Wrong way of gripping the tennis racket as well as poor technique can also lead to the onset of tennis elbow. But then again, as what was mentioned earlier, this condition is not limited to players of the said sport. It can affect people whose nature of work requires excessive use of the forearm and this includes laborers when lifting heavy objects by hand, artists while they paint, carpenters, gardeners and the like.

– Age is also another contributing factor to the acquisition of this debilitating condition. Countless of scientific studies have been conducted and it showed that people who are generally affected by tennis elbow are those who are in the thirty to sixty age group. Then again, those who are outside this age range can also very well get affected.

– In some rare cases, it can also result due to the sudden jerky movement or direct blow along the elbow area. The onset in most cases is slow in nature and lateral epicondylitis treatment options are a many. Tennis elbow straps or braces, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, hot & cold compress are just some of your many treatment options.

Anti-aging Vitamins

Aging is one of those things in life that we really can’t do anything about. There is literally no way to stop it unless you have heretofore undiscovered magical powers that lets you freeze time. So what we mortals do is focus on the very visible physical effects that aging has on our bodies. As we grow older, our skin becomes wrinkled and spotty. It becomes coarse and dry, reduced to a saggy mass of flesh that looks almost paper-thin in consistency. In order to fight the effects of time, companies have developed anti-aging products of all kinds from creams to sub dermal treatments.

People concerned with appearing younger than their years spend thousands of dollars on products that don’t really have much of an effect. The truth is that these anti-aging products simply fall short of actually having an effect. Free radicals and oxidation do the most considerable damage on the skin and applying creams in order to mitigate their effect is like wearing a raincoat when it’s pouring, it keeps the water off of you but doesn’t stop the cold from seeping in. So what we need, clearly, is something that penetrates deeper in our systems and will affect us on an internal level. Coupled with sunblocks, anti-aging vitamins are the most viable solution to this problem.

There are many kinds of vitamins and supplements that a person needs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The specific ones that affect physical aging effects are the following:

Vitamin C. Probably the most-well know vitamin in the world, Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits. This vitamin is vital in maintaining good skin. The problem is that the UV rays that come from the sun reduces the amount of Vitamin C in the skin by at least 50%. Green vegetable like broccoli and spinach are also good sources of Vitamin

Vitamin E. Studies have shown that wrinkling of the skin is caused primarily by low levels of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and helps skin remain smooth and taut instead of saggy.

An anti-aging supplement that most people might not be aware of is Selenium. Selenium is actually a mineral which protects the body from free radicals which cause damage to the skin. It is an anti-oxidant that has been associated with reduced skin cancer incidents. Selenium can be found in common foods like eggs, tuna, and garlic.

The Top 3 Green Tea Benefits

The actual history of drinking green tea goes back a very long way! It is China that was the first country to begin drinking green tea around 5000 years ago. Although, it was not originally consumed as a beverage, but purely as a health tonic and natural health aid. From there it evolved into a popular drink.