Need to stop the snoring? Find out 6 things that will help and 3 that will not.

So tell me, are you the one who drives your family crazy during the night? Are you frequently feeling embarrassed about making your partner sleep on the couch in the middle of the night? Is your roomie kind of thinking to move to a different apartment? Well…sounds like a joke, but it’s not. You know these situations are very much familiar to you, right?

The thing is that it is not only the people living with you that suffer from a restless, noisy night. But you’ll also lose precious sleep due to your snoring issue and your difficulties to furnish your body with air during your sleep easily.

Things to do:

Check your weight and try to lose some

Gaining some extra pounds might affect your snoring and making it worst. This happens due to the added tissue on your neck that gets in the way of the air during exhale and causes vibrations. Other than this, it results that people who are frequently gaining weight tend to develop sleep apnea – a serious medical condition that affects your health.

In case you noticed that you have started snoring after you started to gain some weight, you might want to seriously consider going back to your previous healthy weight. This is not just good advice for eliminating your snoring problems but also to help you prevent other risky conditions coming overweight like heart diseases, high blood pressure, or even healthier teeth.

Need to stop the snoring? Find out 6 things that will help and 3 that will not.

Try and change the way you sleep

As a matter of fact (and your bed partner can confirm), sleeping on your back is precisely the worst position that brings up the loudest noise coming out from your throat. Do you know why? Well, your muscles relax during sleep and the tongue tends to push against your throat, making it difficult for the air to pass quickly.

Changing your sleeping position to the side will prove very useful. The thing is that during sleep, one can hardly keep on having the same position for the whole night. You might tend to come back to lying on your back. To avoid this, you may try to sow a very uncomfortable object on the back of your sleeping t-shirt (like a tennis ball or something similar). This way, as soon as you tend to lye on your back, you will not stay that way for long.

Try a snoring mouthpiece

Oral snoring mouthpiece devices are commonly used nowadays for having and they can help you get rid of snoring. They are usually made of soft plastic that looks like gum, and it is placed right around your feet reaching for the back of your throat.

They tend to hold your tongue for falling towards the throat and also keep your jaw more forward. They give the impression of being very uncomfortable, but actually, the most recent models are the contrary.

Use a humidifier

It might happen that your snoring is a result of nasal congestion cause by any of the common allergies caused by dust or animal hair. These allergies get even worst when you breathe very dry air.

Your throat gets also soar, making it very hard to have a free airway during exhalation. Getting a humidifier might help a lot to improve this situation because the least it can do is open your sinuses.

Trying the CPAC device

These are expansive device intended for every single night usage. They are often prescribed to treat sleep apnea and snoring problems. Almost 40% of snorers confirm that it is a little difficult to use them every night, as they tend to be very uncomfortable devices. So, considering the above thinks twice and consult your doctor before deciding to buy a CPAP device.

Use nasal valves

This is one of the latest remedies that will help you to get rid of the problem. Using nasal valves is a remedy intended to cure sleep apnea, but they do also work great to cure snoring.

They appear to be like two round patches pieces that you are going to stick into your nostrils to help keep the airway open during your breathing. The only negative side is that they are quite expensive and single-use.

Try to avoid:

Using anti snoring pills or sprays

To get the right treatment, you should understand the core problem, why do you snore. If you suffer from snoring due to other reasons, for example, using anti-snoring sprays or natural pills might just help to clear your nasal cavity, but they do not make the problem go away.

Useless fancy pillows

As Dr. M. Safwan Badr, M.D. from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, confirms, there isn’t any scientific finding that relates the usage of specific snoring pillows to the decrease of the issue. On the other hand, often they are associated with an unbearable smell coming from the materials used and are often, blamed to have caused neck pain.

They also need you to sleep in only one specific position while it is well known that during the night, one person tends to change the position of head and neck quite often. Thus, also considering that they come with a price tag, it is not worth it to give them a try,

Using nasal strips

The dilemma if the usage of nasal strips help to improve the snoring issues or not, is still a matter of discussion. Some snorers strongly suggest they do and some others that they don’t. Dr. M. Safwan Badr, M.D. also confirms that they might reduce the volume of the snoring during the night, but they do not treat it completely, and the snoring does not go away.