How To Stay Married Like I Did

Julie and I have been arguing over many things since we tied the knot, and it came to the point where we just ignored and stopped talking to each other. As I mentioned, we had a discussion together on where things went wrong, but she wasn’t ready for it yet. She couldn’t take it and went on being defensive for stuff we didn’t agree upon.

I tried to talk to her and took several measures to figure out how to stay married happily together. I suggested we separate, for the time being, thinking that we would start to miss each other and get back together stronger. She agreed.

During that period, I desperately tried to figure out how to stay married. Marriage counseling, friends, and family couldn’t help much. I resorted to seeking advice on the internet. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a course on how to save my marriage, but that was when I came across Save My Marriage eBook. I was a bit hesitant to try it. You can read my review of it here.

Got the eBook

I wasn’t the best computer man around, so having to download a book and then taking a class online was slightly intimidating, but I wanted to save my marriage with Julie. Imagine how many infomercials and the likes appear on TV every night promising to do this or that, but you know it’s all a scam? Well, when I opened it, I knew that this was what I needed. I was genuinely impressed by Save My Marriage Today‘s, and I’ll tell you why.

It has 20 chapters, and during the period we were separated, I read the book from cover to cover twice. The course allowed me to understand my mistakes in my relationship with my wife. If I were to ask my friends or family, I would have said nothing, and I would never be able to see what I was doing to my wife.

Also, I was hesitant to seek friends and family for advice because they can be a bit judgmental. That being said, the advice from Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today book made more sense to me than listening to the marriage counselor.

How To Stay Married Like I Did

This e-course also does a great job addressing the lack of physical intimacy in our relationship. Although a bit embarrassing to discuss our sexless marriage right here, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Amy gave me many tips to add that extra level of intimacy into our relationship (which wasn’t there before!)

What I didn’t like

Well, every product has it’s own shortcomings, and I’ll quickly tell you what I didn’t like! Firstly, it was a lengthy book! It’s about 150+ pages and 35 exercises included with it. The language is very polished, and it’s surprisingly easy to read. There are six bonus books included, and I find “‘How to be Happy!” and “‘Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max” most enjoyable to read. Although it took lots of time to go through them, it was worth the read.

The ‘Love Bank‘ concept introduced by the book was not properly conveyed, and this idea was originated from the book. For those who are interested, this book explains the concept in greater detail, and I recommend you understand the concept because it’s essential!

Although there were many case studies included in the book, I felt the author could have included more to illustrate their key points. Nevertheless, the knowledge I gained was useful, and everything worked out fine for me.

My Happy Ending!

Most importantly, this book has taught me how to handle not only my faults but also my wife’s.

I learned what a relationship between married couples should be like. In hindsight, I genuinely believe that this guide is tailored for a wide variety of people having difficulties in their marriage (even for the divorced!). The information in this course is now the pillars of my relationship with my wife, and I recommend this course to anyone!

A ‘new’ me

Now I realize begging, pleading, being desperate, and volatile was one of the main reasons why it made me more unattractive and our relationship worse. The ‘New’ me created from the book is now very appealing to my wife. I’ve vowed to communicate openly to my wife, and being happy with myself is a huge key to my marriage. The things I learned from the book have been put into good practice, and the results are pretty convincing.

I believe if you work through this course as I did, you will not only be able to save your marriage but also rebuild the foundation for a better and stronger relationship with your partner. Sometimes I wonder if the hardships I endured were a blessing in disguise because, with this book, I’ve created an even healthier relationship with my wife!