How to Start a Successful Business (Real Examples)

People always have a dilemma of whether to start their own business or to keep working for others. In many cases, even being employed pays well, and the stress involved in working for others is much lower than in managing your affairs. Still, some people want to run their own business and succeed very well in doing so.

Jeremy’s Business

Jeremy, for instance, wanted to have a business of his own from the time he was in college. He started his business while he was working as a system security administrator at a company and observed what then only seemed to be an opportunity.

How to Start a Successful Business (Real Examples)

He knew there were companies specialized in selling used computers or computer parts to third parties who would then resell them. He contacted one of these companies, he borrowed some money, and he started his business, gaining a lot of profit from the beginning.

He observed that the market was perfect for it and seized this opportunity. This way, his business flourished, and he kept winning more and more money. Now, his business runs in the family, and his mother in law is the business manager.

Ciara’s Business

Starting one’s own business involves a lot of courage and risk tolerance. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, but this must not discourage anyone from following this path. Ciara started her business when she was only 19.

She talks about how she always wanted to train horses, and she managed to make her dream come true. Before actually opening her business, she took a class in business management, and when she felt she was ready, she initiated the entire affair.

In her own words, although it was not always easy, she successfully managed to put a business on its feet and. Also, to make sure she could take care of the business, she began an HNC in Business studies she thought would offer her the necessary skills for that.

The advice she gives to all those who want to start a business of their own is never to give up and to keep in mind that success never comes easy. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of effort to start a business from zero, and this is precisely what she managed to do.

Kristoffer’s Business

While having a well-paid job has a lot of advantages, the idea of being one’s boss is even more rewarding. For this reason, a lot of people try to start a business of their own but fear they would fail. Here is the success story of a man who tried and achieved success.

Kristoffer used to work on different websites, programming, and started his sites in 2000. Although at first the profit was not very high and he had to also keep a part-time job, at the beginning of 2010 he quit his last part-time job and from that moment on he was able to get by on it.

During the time he had to work other jobs, Kristoffer read a lot on how to keep the affair simple, how to make things easier, and how to make sure things were going well with only website maintenance. Then he started outsourcings and established partnerships with companies in India and delegated an outsourcer there to take care of the job.

Although running his own business means handling a lot of risks and providing different types of services (like online selling, blogging, and online consultancy), he says it also gives him a lot of opportunities to learn from. Here’s an article on the advantages of setting up a business.