What Sports are Safe During Pregnancy?

Choose your sports carefully during pregnancy. You are pregnant, and you are rather sporty. You’re probably wondering if you can still perform sports activities. Some activities put you at higher risk for injury than others. Everything depends on the sports considered your training and your health. This brings benefits and relaxes you if you do not force it, and it is a gentle practice.

Why go to the gym? You have no reason to quit a sport daily if it is not aggressive, and you are in good health. Instead, it can be a lovely time for you and your baby. You will be more relaxed, and you will accompany your body changing. Choose a sport for that smooth.

Risky sports for pregnant women

Some sports are to be avoided, especially if they are violent, and they will face a fall or trauma of any kind. Even if you are experienced in these disciplines, it is strongly recommended to ski, the riding, or climbing because the risk of falling is too great. Athletics should be discontinued at the end of the second month of pregnancy. In general, sports team or battle where shocks are frequent, should not be practiced.

Sports recommended during pregnancy Walking: for all moms, walking is an excellent way to move. It is a good alternative if you stop an activity incompatible with your pregnancy, or you’re not athletic. Swimming: Whether you are a good or a bad swimmer, swimming or water aerobics is the best sport during pregnancy with walking.

Improve breathing

In addition to its calming, improve your breathing, which helps you during childbirth. You also work your perineum, and you strengthen your muscles. However, avoid diving into water that is too cold. Yoga: This is both sports and a proper preparation for birth. The benefits are almost identical to those of swimming—Pilates: what sports can relieve some pain associated with pregnancy and better control his breathing.

Remember, you control Practice sports, yes, but you leave. It does not make you more tired. You must know your limits. Any excess can be dangerous because it can result in a risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). You should also check your heart rate, take your pulse for 15 minutes, and multiply by four to get the score on a minute. Note that in early pregnancy, you get winded faster, and your pulse is faster.


Pregnant women can remain active and … Yoga is perfect for pregnant women, it is essential to accommodate the child in the best conditions. The mother should be relaxed, calm, listen to her body.

What Sports are Safe During Pregnancy?

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