Spike is a 9 year old Sphynx currently staying in a foster home.

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Spike is a 9 year old Sphynx currently staying in a foster home. He was purchased by his former family from a “breeder” for $450 as a kitten “with papers.” His original owner/breeder was contacted but did not respond.

Spike’s family surrendered him to rescue after moving into a new home and he developed some improper urination issues with one corner in their living room. He was brought to foster in March and vet checked.

Spike is built VERY small for a Sphynx and was free fed at his former home. He is living with a rescued Sphynx and Cornish Rex that have to be fed in very small amounts because they overeat. Spike eats more than either of them and maintains his tiny size. He has to be on a quality food, he is currently on Iams and doing well. I am guessing he is so tiny because he has a crazy metabolism. He is hungry often and very talkative until you feed him. He will walk around the house behind me until he is fed. This behavior would probably go away with free feeding again, although he also likes to follow you around and “help” with things.

Spike needs a bath about every other week, his skin does not have the faint stubble feel of my other Sphynx, but more of a human skin feel, with a fine, invisible bit of hair. There are a couple of tufts of these hairs that are more visible, and he has hair on his face and toes. His skin is nude colored with orange freckles. He has some dark freckling around his mouth. He has two or three “bumps” on his tail that are basically impacted folicles. These were examined by the vet and are harmless and common in the breed. He gets baths in baby shampoo and really does not complain. He will talk to you while you’re washing him, and make it clear he doesn’t really LIKE the bath, but does not try to escape or get angry.

He loves his blanket. He will sleep under his own blanket on the bed, or if you invite him, he will sleep next to you under the covers. My rescues sleep on either side of me, so he has been sleeping under an extra blanket. He will jump on the bed and onto the blanket and I just flip the side over him and wrap it around his little face and he makes biscuits until everyone is settled then goes to sleep.

His manners are excellent. He gets along great with both of my cats, but Spike ends up being the odd man out. He is not a pushy cat, he is quite docile and more submissive. He was more outgoing when I brought him home, and he really needs his own “person.” He needs to be able to show his affection and be shown affection. This is something I can do, but have to limit to avoid jealousy.

He gets crusties in the corners of his eyes but does not complain when I pick them out.

Spike is a very lovable sweet cat, but not clingy. When he wants affection, he will come up and start rubbing his chin on your hand. It is subtle, although he would much more affectionate if not living with two very possessive cats. He loves his head and chin scratched and will rub and rub until he has to shake his head. His ears were eamined and tested for mites and there were none. He has the common “Sphynx ear” that looks somewhat like black soot rubbed inside, but does not produce excessive wax like many do. He does sometimes scratch his ears to the point of making a rash, so his rear nails need to be clipped regularly and filed if possible to make them less scratchy.

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Spike’s initial examination with a Board Certified Feline Specialist showed a slightly high white blood cell count, but otherwise a healthy little cat. He has had bloodwork done and been vaccinated. His foster mom is trying to raising money to pay for the further tests while he waits for his forever home. Spike was front declawed in approximately 2005. His front feet need x-rays. Where the claws were removed from his inner toes (where our thumbs are) there are small wound looking circles on each foot. These were examined by the vet and found to be possibly an incorrect procedure, resulting in what may be regrowth of nail tissue, or nerve tissue, and failure to fully heal. At times he has excessivly licked these areas and they open and scab over. He has shown no pain or interest in them since coming to us, but the vet recommended they be x-rayed to determine exactly what is going on and get them to fully heal.

Spike also has a large amount of tartar build up on his teeth that needs to be removed. (Unsure whether his teeth have ever been cleaned) Under the tartar, the vet found his teeth to look quite healthy, but a cleaning is necessary ASAP. February is dental month for pets, hopefully enough money can be raised to get this done, or he will find a forever home that will get it done for him.