Sorsogon in the Philippines

At the southernmost tip of the great Luzon landmass lies the province of Sorsogon, a region acclaimed for its abundance of festivals both religious and mundane and the opportunity to swim alongside the largest fish in the world, the whale shark.

Sorsogon’s lasting acclaim comes from its status of providing a full-fledged eco-tour as one traverses its various districts, offering both the welcome diversions of beach basking and watersports and the opportunity to explore caves, hot springs, and marine sanctuaries.

Beach hopping

Beach hopping is a popular activity for those heading down to Sorsogon, and it is not uncommon for folks to engage in road trips that take them from the shores of one white sand beach to another, with the company of friends and a chest of beer the only essentials.

Sorsogon in the Philippines

The Bacon District is a destination of choice for sun worshippers, with Paguriran Island providing an alternative location for sand and surf. The Rizal Beach Resort and Libanon Beach Resort are ideal for those who are less enthusiastic about roughing it and would like a little bit of pampering to go with their island adventure.

If you’d much rather commune with nature, you would do well to head to the Mt. Bulusan Natural Park, within the borders of which lies Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort. The lake itself is said to be possessed of mysterious properties and is surrounded by plant and animal life unique to the region.

If you would like your trip to coincide with the celebrations that take place annually in the Sorsogon province, there are several such festivities in which you can participate.

Catholic population

The largely Roman Catholic population takes pride in their local festivals, which venerate the patron saints of their various towns on their respective feast days. For instance, June 28 and 29 are the days for the celebration of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, patron saints of Sorsogon City .

The last week of October, on the other hand, is a celebration of Sorsogon itself, commemorating its founding as a province. This is done through a series of events that showcase the province’s agriculture and decorations and include activities that pertain to the region’s culture and history.

Lastly, you may want to check out the yearly Pili Festival, honoring the pili nut, which is a native product of the area. Locals wear pili nut costumes, have cooking demonstrations that feature the pili nut, and light fireworks to give this nut proper recognition.

Whale sharks!

Of course, what sets Sorsogon apart more than any other element is the opportunity to see and swim with the majestic whale sharks, known locally as Butanding, which inhabit the waters of the various coastal towns of the region.

Interaction briefings are regularly scheduled in the province and required prior to meeting with these gentle giants, along with the company of a Butanding Interaction Officer, who will provide strict guidelines as to how the animals are to be approached and experienced.

Tourists are cautioned to patronize only accredited boating crew and facilities and avoid pollution, which will drive the whale sharks away from Sorsogon’s waters as well as devastate the environment. Read more articles on Philippines: