Skyzoo – The Salvation Album Review

I’m not going to lie, I slept on Skyzoo for a while…more like a coma. But after listening to him on Wale’s Back to The Feature mixtape and a single he had featuring Wale called Lyrically Inclined I started to get more interested in hearing more of his music – and that’s how it mostly happens with artists that I haven’t been exposed to. Coming off a significant amount of buzz of his past two mixtapes, Corner Store Classic in 2007 and Power of Words this year, Skyzoo set himself up for this moment – his first studio album.


Brooklyn, NYC

If you are not familiar with this rapper, Skyzoo is from Brooklyn, New York and has been rapping for this moment since he was 9 years old when he started working with J Dilla and 9th Wonder. This album, The Salvation, was released this past week after much hold out when Skyzoo was looking for a major record deal which he found in signing with 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records via Duck Down Productions.

Most of the production credits go to 9th Wonder but Just Blaze, Nottz, Black Milk, Best Kept Secret, Cyrus the Great, Needlz, Eric G and IllMind are also bring pieces to this well-rounded and soulful album. There are little to no features on this album with only Carlitta Durand of The Foreign Exchange being featured – this allows you to truly hear and see the story that Skyzoo was trying to paint with this album.

Lot Of Good Tracks

And that is just what it is – a story. The Salvation embodies Skyzoo’s struggles in music and his life in Brooklyn. Skyzoo got blessed with some serious production and is not lacking in lyrical ability or content. Songs like his first single, The Beautiful Decay, in additon to My Interpretation, Under Pressure, Penmanship, Dear Whoever and Metal Hearts display that Sky can bring it on a wide variety of different types of production and beats. There are so many tracks on here that can be favorites that its hard to choose. Each track seems to be made as it could be a single. The production is not over top and the soulful feel allows Skyzoo to be under a better spotlight. I also dug The Wire and Tupac interview clips within the album. With so many years going by in putting this album together, it is impressive on how well put togehter and manufactured it was.

Grab This Album!

I would definitely suggest going to grab this album and get familiar with Skyzoo if you have never been exposed to his music – The Salvation is a story book of tracks that talk about struggles with trying to make it in hip hop, personal issues, and getting out of continuous messed up situations – very relatable to what many of us go through. As one of my most anticipated albums, it lives up to the hype that this quarter in hip hop brings – support The Salvation!