Skin Types and how to care

The skin is the largest organ of our body, when we say “body” we think it should be within our organization, not visible neither pleasant, nor do we really care about their performance. Who wants to see your intestines, not even imagine, but the skin has a fascination, it will be because we see every day and is coating the entire organ fills our humanity.

This in many sonnets, songs, novels, bestsellers, In addition to being long, 2 meters, and to fulfill their duties thermal regeneration, healing, does his work in total silence when we sweat, those droplets come in uniform, fine, doing scandal.

When we are cold, the hairs stand with all the grace of a dancer, giving notice to the owner almost invisible, so is his nature, when protest is because something is wrong. These outbreaks, allergies are giving an alarm to recognize it.

So say our old, “as you see on the outside, those insides.” But lies are more ugly inside. Each born with a single skin, as it is so important to recognize with pride and wonder of our skin, we must know what type of skin we are, and that everything that applies most is not beneficial to us. Here are some characteristics of each skin and recommendations for skincare that you look in the mirror with different eyes.

Normal skin

It has smooth, solid, and compact; all this means healthy, ie, no excess fat or dry. His face is opaque, with no stains and imperfections, you would think it is ideal because they are scarce. Recommended for cleaning the gel and foam products are removed with water and tonic without alcohol.

Skin Types and how to care

Dry skin

It looks dry, inelastic, cracks, and fades easily, all this means dry, ie, no fat and moisture and has a weak moisture barrier. In cleaning avoids the use of soaps, gels and products generally are removed with water. Use creams that hydrate and nourish. Read about treating dry skin acne here.

Oily Skin

It is an irregular texture, shiny appearance. Particularly in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin), ie, greasy but has an advantage with others, is more resistant to external factors and tends to wrinkle later. Use morning and evening without alcohol cleanser to close pores and dry and reduce glare. Then apply a light oil-free moisturizer.

Combination Skin

It is the mixture of the two. Usually, T-zone is oily, while the area around the eyes, cheeks, and neck are dry, is the most common Improper use of cosmetics fat returns some areas, using specific creams that nourish the dry parts and regulate the secretion of fat. However, it may seem complicated; it is the easiest to care as much fat as part of the drought are not excessive.

Only here we must use diversified products that can not be used in the face as in the T-zone call; we must apply a proper cleansing, cheekbones and cheeks, and a moisturizer. Then do a recount, What we have learned is that we must look at product labels before applying any cream on your face and your skin will thank you. Also, the skin is not just the face; is very extensive, so take care every inch, and not only is there the area is also G T.