Sexual Malfunctions In The Neuro-endocrine – Males

The sexual malfunctions in endocrinal glands often occur due to imbalances between the nervous system’s signaling facility and the hormone contents in the sex glands. These occur differently for male and female organs. Most of the disorders are related to daily bad habits, which forces the body to lose resistance to damage caused in the balancing system.

Sexual malfunctions are mainly caused by fatigue, weakened physical abilities, and aching muscles, and they accompany most of the sexual difficulties faced by men and women as they get older.

The late ’30s is usually the starting age for difficulties about sex glands, especially if unhealthy habits have been stuck to for an extended period. Women face some menstrual problems, which are mainly caused by an imbalance of hormones and failures of the endocrinal or neuro-endocrinal functions in the body.


Gonads or the male sex glands are responsible for generating sperm counts, and a hormone called testosterone found only in males. The impact of malfunction in this sector is widely related to the testes, which is the male endocrinal sex gland.

Sexual Malfunctions In The Neuro-endocrine - Males

The adrenal gland is also known to be strongly related to sexual functioning in men. A malfunction in any of these areas is understood to be affecting a person’s sexual behavior, drive, and performance ability. Male fertility is one of the significant areas where the hormonal balances play a role.

Testicular hypofunction

Testicular hypofunction causing damaged or unproductive testes in males is something that can develop due to hereditary causes, congenital disabilities, tuberculosis, physical damage or injury, and the exposure of the testicles to exceptionally high temperature. For complete infertility, though, both testicles have to have been affected by external causes of damage.

The glands offering pubic growth and metabolic functioning are also sources of sexual damage caused to a person. Observed in some teenagers, sexual growth can exhibit certain extreme tendencies of hormonal discharge and make the person appear different from their peers. However, until the symptoms cause abnormal difficulties, there is hardly a reason to worry about a neuro-endocrinal sexual malfunction.

Testicular hyperfunction

Testicular hyperfunction is also a possible reason for worry but is a very rare syndrome. The extent to which testicular hyperfunction can take a patient is severe, and the treatments are necessary. Tumor like developments due to the initially hidden secondary sex characteristics which are formed at birth can be possibilities of testicular hyperfunction.

The signs are usually noticeable after puberty and are mainly to do with sexual hormone discharges, which act as a catalyst to trigger abnormal developments. It is understood to uncommon and can be easily removed by surgery if noticed well in time. Seeing a hyperfunction symptom is relatively easy compared to most other endocrinal malfunctions.

A regular habit of safe sex is good for the generative quality of the sex glands. It should be carried out for maintaining an excellent sex-life and avoiding easily acquirable syndromes that weaken the sexual functioning with age. Read these awesome male sexuality facts.