Server Rack Cabinet

Servers are highly complex pieces of electronic equipment that serve a huge network of computers. A server is very susceptible to mechanical shocks and vulnerable to damage. Hence, the rack that will house thee machines on should be rugged and take up as little space as possible.

Design of The Cabinet

Server rack cabinets should be designed so as not to protrude too much if it is installed against the wall. If the server rack is up against a wall then it is advisable to have the rack on castor wheels to facilitate moving the rack away from the wall to get to the cable connections at the back.

Depending on the design of the server the rack should have shelves designed accordingly. Web servers are laterally designed, much like the videocassette recorders. These servers are usually slipped into the rack shelf and the connections are made to the rear of the server.

Server Rack Cabinet

Tower cabinets

At times there are as many as twenty web servers on one rack. If the servers are designed as tower cabinets such as e-mail servers then the towers will have to be designed to accommodate them. These towers will be able to accommodate fewer servers than web server racks.

Server racks should be designed so as not to be very high keeping in mind that the cables and controls might have to be serviced as such the servers should be at shoulder height at the very most. This will facilitate stabilizing the rack when it is being moved in order to access the rear cables should the rack be installed against the wall. The server rack will not shake or sway either if it is installed as part of an isle installation in a server room.

Material Used For Constructing A Rack

Slotted angle racks are usually used to construct server rack cabinets. These cabinets are open from the rear if the server rack is being installed in a room that is not frequently accessed. When the rack cabinet is installed in such a room, it is installed on the floor and is about four feet tall and about three feet wide.

It has six to seven shelves on which the server is placed. If the server rack is installed in a room, which is frequented by servicemen and technicians the rack will be enclosed from all sides with adequate arrangements made for ventilation, which could include ventilator fans.

The front of the rack will be a glass hinged door and have a lock for security. Server racks may be placed on the floor much like a cupboard or may be mounted on the wall whatever is convenient.