Proven SEO Tricks – Make Google to love your blog!

Now that we have a blog and we know how to get the traffic to the blog using various ways, but there is another source of traffic, and that accounts for the most of the traffic you can ever get on your blogs and that is Search Engines. In that also, we can specifically talk about Google. Most of the bloggers will agree that their significant portion of the traffic comes from search engines (for some, it goes up to 50 % too), and it will be foolish to let that traffic go away.

In this post, we’ll talk about some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (the practice which helps in bringing the posts to the top of the queries run on search engines) tricks, so that you can get the maximum traffic like others from various search engines.

Before we start, I would like to drag your attention towards this post where I got my blog indexed in just one day by Google using simple tricks. I’m sure you’ll find that useful too, if you don’t follow any of those tips, then do it right now and it will surely help. Now, let’s look at other simple tips which will help you for sure :

Meta information:

I know this accounts for nothing these days, but still, there is no harm in providing the information. It gives the search engine bots the idea of what the blog or website is all about. Don’t try to game as there will be no use as search engines are too smart these days. This small little web tool will be able to help you in generating the Meta tags and will guide you on how you can add the Meta information in your blog or web pages.

Proven SEO Tricks - Make Google to love your blog!

Blog or website design:

There is a significant role of blog design in search engine optimization. Well, what more I can say that Wendy, from emoms at home, has shared her own experience in a guest post @ ProBlogger. So, don’t forget to make use of the themes which are Search engine optimized. If at all you go for a custom theme, then you must ensure that the designer of theme works on the SEO points too.

Keyword stuffed posts:

When I say Keyword stuffed by that, I mean, normally write as you do, but don’t forget to include the keywords where you can. Don’t overdo it; otherwise, that will trigger the alarm of the search engine bots. Also, highlight the keywords, e.g. I’ve made “Search engine optimization (SEO)” bold to ensure that it gets the importance and believe me search engine bots understand that you’ve made this text bold, so it is essential. This thing is applicable in theme design as well, so if you have a headline as an H1 tag, then it will get importance.

Keyword stuffed Titles and URLs:

Keywords are essential for SEO, and bots pay significance to the URLs and Titles of the posts. So, if you are using WordPress, then you may use All in one SEO plug-in. If you are using WordPress, then you can always use the Post-Slug option and have relevant keywords in the URL.

Read lots of SEO blogs:

There are many blogs that provide you some valuable SEO tricks. Don’t forget to read these blogs, here’s the list of some useful SEO blogs :

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