What is Self Inflicted Autism?

Right now i am watching ‘The Autistic Me’, a program about the lives of a few young guys with Autism. Its terrible….. the parents take them away from public schools and any daily situation where they would be mixing freely with ‘normal’ people their age.

Let ’em socialize!

To me this seems so bad because by doing this it seems that it will actually increase the severity of their condition because they under use communication channels like their voice and body. But i may be wrong i don’t know too much about Autism, maybe because they don’t have the part of the brain to allow them to be social, it wouldn’t matter if they were put into social situations a lot or at all because they wouldn’t be able to strengthen something that doesn’t exist.

What is Self Inflicted Autism?

But they must be able to develop some kind of normal interactions with people, otherwise by taking them away from people, you are taking them away from the world. The world is run by people, nearly everything we see is man and woman made.

Its strange, nearly every guy i meet who wants to improve their social skills and success with women, have the same symptoms as all these kids on this program:

They lack social and communication skills

They have massive amounts of knowledge in any subject that is not to do with human communication (some guys i meet even have knowledge in communication, but never use it…. and are known as ‘keyboard jockey’s’). They also all have mothers who want their kids to be like everyone else and socialize and HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. They want to be popular. They try to find love online and not face to face.

The difference between people i meet and someone with Autism is that being Autistic means that you actually have a brain deficiency that control’s the skill of communicating with people. More importantly….the people i meet….CHOOSE to have all the symptoms stated above while, so what they do is Self Inflicted.

Develop social and communication skills

People need to get out there and involve themselves with the world, not play video games and look up the latest information by some pick up guru. Otherwise you will suffer the same symptoms as these Autistic kids. I have a housemate who could be mistaken for an Autistic person, due to his ridiculously bad communication skills.

He chose to be someone who stays on Facebook all day and on his blackberry phone, he has Self Inflicted Autism. But you can make the active and conscious decision to go out there and meet more people, have more fun and be a super human being. You have the choice to be whatever you want to be.