Secret Service style detection device

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User Reviews of Wizard Detectors 13704 Lumber Wizard Metal Detector Average Customer Rating: 3.75 Stars

– A Toy

This product works as stated for a short time, but after a few hours of steady use, it becomes desensitized and will not respond as it did on previous occasions. The sensitivity screw setting is also MADDENING when it as the hours go on! It is NOT an investment at all in a wood shop, especially if you are in reclamations of antique lumber and trying to protect expensive machinery. Just another $70 extracted from the pockets of busy consumers. Forget it ! The only reason why I gave it one star is because it does detect aluminum when it IS working, whereas most beach-comber type detectors don’t. Even fresh batteries don’t effect it when it is having fits of desensitization.Where can I get a Secret Service style detection device? 

– Should’ve bought one before running wood thru my new 15″

This is an excellent tool! I should have purchased one before runnig recycled wood through my new 15 inch planer. Oh well, live and learn. I tested mine by hiding an office staple under a board. It found it much to my surprise. This puppy certainly is sensitive. Now the sour part. Like most new tools today there is a weak spot. The battery holder is poorly designed. It came out OK, but will not stay seated with a battery installed. It continues to drop out. I called the 800 number and they promised to ship me TWO replacements – maybe a trend??? The method of retainment is poor at best. Until the new clips arrive, the clip is duck taped on. Kinda sad for a brand new…tool! – It works as advertised I have purchased both units separately. The small unit can pickup heads of nail etc in walls but it is not sensitive enough to check for metal in wood before planing. The large red unit is great – it has an ear piece so you can hear sound as it senses metal while you in a noisy shop or other area as well as a vibrating mode or both. I did one sensitivity test. I drove 1/2″ 18guage finish nail from my air gun into a 3/4″ block of wood recessing it a fraction of an inch below the surface. The big unit picked up the brad on both sides of the wood. The little unit couldn’t find it. I believe it’s because their isn’t enough mass in the tiny nail. If you like to recycle lumber or repair old furniture then the red unit will save your planer and saw blades which = frustration and money. It’s great for finding hidden nails in repaired furniture

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